Are you new to advertising on Facebook? If so, then this article is for you. Because this article is dedicated mostly to explaining Facebook Advertising for Beginners. Facebook advertising for beginners is a guide to those people who are new to Facebook advertising. There is a lot you can benefit from advertising on Facebook. Read on to find out more.

Facebook Advertising for Beginners - Facebook Ads Account | How to Run Facebook Adverts

Facebook Advertising for Beginners

Facebook Advertising for Beginners, you can learn more about leads for the business. Also, more audiences or visitors to the site and also more sales and more traffic. Facebook Ads is a means of marketing or showcasing your business or product through Ads on Facebook. There is so much attached to advertising on Facebook.

Facebook is the biggest social media networking platform in the world with over 2.2 billion monthly active users. So if you run your Adverts on Facebook you are likely to connect with the ideal customer for your business or product.

Then eventually make a sale of the product. Here are some of the reasons why I recommend Facebook advertising for small business owners on the platform;

  • Advertising on Facebook is very high and effective.
  • A very simple setup process and brings s fast results.
  • With the Ads, you run on Facebook, you can reach the ideal client for the product.
  • Facebook Ads are highly customizable.
  • They are adding new features every month to Facebook to make it easier.

Advertising on Facebook can save you lots of money and still bring out great results for the Ads you run.

Facebook Ads Account

Before you can run a successful Ad on Facebook you must at least one Ad account from your Business Manager. Facebook Business Manager can simply be seen as a tool designed for managing all your Facebook pages and ad accounts. Using the Facebook Business Manager, you can get manage access to your Facebook pages. And the ad accounts and also get to work with agencies. Follow the instructions below to create a new ad account;

  • Go to your Business Manager page.
  • Then hit on “Add New” > “Ad account”.
  • Fill out the form on the next page, Account name, advertising on behalf of, your time zone, country currency, and the account payment method. Click on “Create Ad Account”.
  • Add four friends to the account and assign a role to them and click on save changes.

The new account has been created and added to your business manager page.

Facebook Ad Types

There are many ad formats you can choose from to make your Facebook ad successful with the right tools. The Facebook Ad types include;

  • Video Ads.
  • Link Click Ads.
  • Boosted Page Posts.
  • Multi-Product Ads.
  • Dynamic Ads.
  • Facebook lead Ads.
  • Canvas Ads.
  • Collection Ads.
  • A page like Ads.
  • Mobile App Ads.
  • Desktop App Ads.
  • Event Ads.
  • Messenger Ads.

As an advertiser on the social media platform, you can choose any of the above formats. Then create and design the Ad you to achieve your goals on the reason you started advertising.

How to Run Facebook Adverts

Advertising on Facebook is simple. There are social media platforms to advertise but most go for Facebook because of its simplicity and straightforwardness. You can create and run Adverts on Facebook with ease by following the simple instructions below;

  • Set up the goals for the Facebook Ads campaign.
  • Choose the campaign objective.
  • Customize your audience and the budget.
  • Make the advert.
  • Choose the Ad campaign placements.
  • Then place the order.

Facebook will review the Ad before making it Live to be seen. Then a confirmation mail will be sent to you from Facebook once it has been set live. You can monitor the ad.


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