Have you ever wondered or asked yourself why your Facebook advertising is not working. Why are they not getting impressions? You know after all the stress of strategizing, copywriting and all the hard work, the advert is ready to go. You did all the audience targeting, checked everything necessary, publish and wait for the results to be coming in, but then after all the work, the advert doesn’t appear on any platform.


Facebook Advertising not Working

Facebook Advertising not Working

Facebook Advertising not Working means the ad is going against the Advertising Policies of the platform. There are lots of questions that will be running through your head, but don’t worry much anymore, because we’ve got you covered in this article. I will be showing the tops reasons why Facebook advertising not working.

Why Facebook Advertising not Working

Here are the reasons why your Facebook advertising is not working;

Advert Has Been Disapproved

Most times why your Facebook advertising might not be working is because Facebook doesn’t approve of the ad. If the Advert has been disapproved, the Facebook team will send a notification to the email address you used in registering the account. You can check your mailbox to see it or you can check your status in the Facebook Ad Manager. Reasons why your Facebook advert will be rejected by Facebook:

  • The advert promotes drugs or drug-related products that are against the Facebook advertising policy.
  • The advert sells weapons, explosives.
  • It features adult contents that are against the policies.
  • Fake claims or how to get rich schemes.
  • Sexually or sensational contents.

You can fix it by Appealing for the disapproval or make the requested changes.

The Account Spending Limit has Been Reached

A very simple problem can be fixed easily. Each ad account has its own spending limit which you can easily put in place. This is actually done to avoid overspending for the intended total ad budget.

Photo Violates 20% of the Rule

There are lots of rules involved when it comes to Facebook advertising and there some that are written down but some are not. Among the rules, both written and unwritten on of the forgettable yet important is the 20%Text Rule.

On Facebook advertising, the advert cannot exceed a photo to text ratio of 20% which includes slogans, watermarks, logos and other text which may be on the photo. You can use an image with lots of text to create an Advert on Facebook.

Your Advert Bid is a Bit Too Low

This is another issue that can also affect the performance of the Facebook advert. If the bid is too low the advert will not function well. On the Facebook Advertising system, there are thousands of adverts yours is competing with or against but at the same time, their bids might be less or more than yours. So it very important to use a great deal or bid when advertising on the platform.

Not Enough Advert Budget

In this life, you only get what you pay for. When advertising makes sure to set up a budget that will bring you the results you, the higher the money the higher the profit.

The Optimization Goal is Hard to Reach

Whatever you set your optimization to that’s what you will get. For instance, if you set it for link clicks, it means you want to target those who are most likely to click on your links than the others depending on their engagement with similar adverts as yours. To change this feature navigate to the campaign dashboard and click on the pencil icon next to the optimization field and then make the necessary changes from there.

The Adverts are not Very Relevant to the Audience

If the advert you created is not relevant to the audience you targeted you won’t get the expected results. You can solve this issue by split texting the images, refine the targeting and also making the adverts more interesting.

The Advert Quality is Low

TO avoid scam or spam ads, Facebook makes sure to disapprove and reduce the reach of the adverts they mark as low. You can avoid this by creating high quality and relevant adverts on Facebook.

The Advert is Stuck in Review

As we all know, Facebook will review the Advert to verify if the advert meets their terms of service before making it Live or Public.

These are the reasons why your Facebook Advert is not working.


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