Facebook Algorithm

The Facebook algorithm is a process facebook uses to sort out the more relevant contents to different individuals; this method is employed to fill your news feed.

The Facebook algorithm is used to make facebook a more meaningful social media for interaction, this a systematic process used to sort more meaningful posts on facebook, and the top sorted contents are called ranked contents.

Facebook Algorithm - Factors That Determine the Facebook Algorithm

The name of the algorithm facebook formerly use is called Edge rank, but since the period of 2011 facebook started using the machine learning algorithm. There are thousands of factors that help facebook choose which posts appear in a user’s news feed.

Factors That Determine the Facebook Algorithm

The factors which help determine facebook algorithm are;

  • Inventory: what stories have been posted by your friends and publishers, this is used to refer to all the submitted contents on facebook.
  • Signals: who posted the story, this sustains a long list of criteria’s, below are some of the criteria’s
    1. The number of likes and comments on the person’s profile photo.
    2. Your relationship with the posters content that is posted by friends.
    3. The number of replies to comments on facebook.
    4. The number of shares on messenger.
    5. The relevance of the person that posted the content.
    6. The relevance of the content in terms of information.
    7. The average minutes spent by each user on the content.
    8. Your profile status (i.e. if you have completed your facebook profile or not).
    9. The type of content you are posting (i.e. if the content is a link, poll or question).
    10. The type of device you are using and how good your data connection is.
  • Predictions: how likely you are to comment on the story. This is the calculation based on how you have interacted with the person’s previous posts.
  • Relevance score: this is a calculation based on numbers, they use it to determine how relevant the content is to you, and this also means that contents by different people have different scores attached to it.

That’s it, so to enhance your content to reach more people on facebook, you have to produce contents that will start conversations, live videos that are great and are bound to bring others watching. Make sure you have enough reactions, likes, and comments, so when next you are posting it will be relevant and assigned to a high score. Finally, make sure you have completed your profile set up, so facebook knows it’s you.


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