Seeing this for the first time, so many of us will think that Facebook now has independence. But the main detail about this Facebook America Independence Day is talking about America’s independence. Talking about the celebration when the Americans got their independence from Great Britain.

Facebook America Independence Day - Independence Day Cover Photo on Facebook | America Independence Day

So, we are now left with the question “What does Independence Day has to do with the Facebook platform”. Without taking most of your time, I want every one of us here to turn down to the next paragraph of the content.

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Facebook America Independence Day

Looking here, we will be taught more about Independence Day in America on the Facebook platform. First and foremost, the Americans gain their independence on July 4th, 1776, which was when it became a country.

Another thing we should know is that the U.S. was a group of colonies which was owned by Great Britain, looking at this article is talking all about America’s history on how they gain their independence.

I am sure not every citizen or individual knows about the history of how America gain its independence and become a country. Well, I think this article will help review how the Americans come about with their independence and the reason why it is celebrated every July 4th of every year.

America Independence Day on Facebook

The reason why this event is been celebrated on Facebook is that Facebook you see is a worldwide social media and communication platform where you can reach out to many people all over the world. Facebook has the most populated users, so bringing this event into the platform will help make the event go viral.

As an individual, how can you celebrate Independence Day on Facebook if you are an American citizen? You can celebrate it on Facebook by posting your America flag image on your timeline, profile photo, or on your cover photo. For you to use the flag or image as your profile photo, cover photo, or post it on your timeline, you have to download the image.

Download America Independence Day Photo

To get your image to post on your Facebook account, you can follow these steps down here to download your perfect image.

  • First access your browser; chrome, opera mini, or it can be Firefox browser.
  • Then, search for “America Independence Day”.
  • Turn to the image by clicking on the image option after the result page has load up.
  • Now you are free to make your choice of image selection and after that long press on the image to download that if you are using a mobile smartphone. But if you are using a computer, just right click and then the “Save Image As” option will come up.

After downloading the image into your device, you can now go back to your Facebook and post it as whatever you want to post it as. Access your Facebook app or the website at, log into your account and make your own Independence Day post. Note, the date for this event is July, 4th, 2021.


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