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A Facebook app is an application that gives you access to your Facebook account information and equally allows you process data. It is popularly known that a majority of the world population are Facebook users. Also now there are Facebook addicts as they just keep on loving the platform. Don’t forget, after all, Facebook is a multi-social media network. The main essence of Facebook is for users to connect relate and text each other from any part of the world. Facebook allows you to post pictures, videos, and even polls and that is what is more addictive.

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This is where the Facebook app comes in as it helps them follow up on new updates even when they are not on the app. This s to make sure that there are more productive time than that on social media. A Facebook app will notify you of friend’s birthday, comment, likes and reacts on your posts. Plus you will also be notified when other activities are going on with a friend’s post you react or comment to. All these are made possible without you even being online as it will be among your phone notifications. You should also know that your phone will also alert you when you are messaged via the Facebook app.

Benefits of a Facebook app

The prime benefit of a Facebook app is the frequent updates you get from the app. Other benefits are the ability to view and edit your Facebook profile, contact, quick connect with friends, easily search and find friends, groups view, photo albums, page managing, adding story and so much more. With the right Facebook app, you can even make calls with your friends without having to get their phone number. You also have access to play games with your friends or alone, plus you can mention your friends in a comment and post to groups.

List of Facebook Apps

Facebook apps vary in both services and size. However, you can easily install any of the Facebook apps on your mobile device. These Facebook apps all have advantages and disadvantages, but they are the most common and popularly used apps by the general public. Some Facebook apps are;

  • Facebook and Facebook lite
  • Faster for Facebook lite
  • Friendly for Facebook
  • Metal for Facebook
  • Puffin for Facebook
  • Simple for Facebook
  • Slim social
  • Swipe for Facebook
  • Swift for Facebook lite and so much more

You can easily download and explore any of the apps from your device play store. However, if you want the best experience, it is best you download the app from the google play store.


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