The Facebook Avatar for Africa is now official. African Facebook users can now activate theirs and are ready to use it on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Avatar for Africa is a feature on Facebook that can only be accessed on mobile devices; either iOS or Android devices. Instead of the usual like and a few other emojis.

Facebook Avatar for Africa

The Facebook Avatar allows you to express your facial expression inclusive of other activities on Facebook. It is the best fun way of conversation with other users, and trust me you would love it once you get started.

Just read more on this article to know the basics of the Facebook Avatar for Africa and also how you can create your avatar today.

Facebook Avatar for Africa

Facebook Avatar has officially been released to some regions in Africa. You can now get to make your very own Facebook avatar. The Facebook avatar is rolling out and trending already and if you have not made yours now, then you are missing out.

You should get yours ready and set up for use. Update your Facebook app and check if it is available to your region. Sign in and go to the menu options, from which you can access the avatar feature once you tap on “See More” from the menu list.

Facebook Avatar

The Facebook Avatar is an official Facebook toon feature that allows Facebook users to create a cartoon representative of themselves to represent them in Facebook activities and environment.

This avatar feature allows Facebook users access to design and make their avatar in their own desire. You are to edit your avatar through a series of edits and customization to finally get the desired look for your avatar.

Facebook Avatar Set Up For Africa

It is easy to make your Facebook avatar set up and ready for activities. The Setup page is the location to which you can access the Facebook avatar feature. Launch the Facebook mobile application, sign in to your account.

Tap on the “menu” icon, and select the “see more” option from the menu lists. Then tap on the “Avatar” option to begin the Facebook avatar quest. And then you can make edits to your avatar.

How to Set Up Facebook Avatar

After you have known where to access the Facebook avatar feature, then you are ready to make your very own Facebook avatar. The steps below are how you can create your Facebook avatar:

  • Launch the Facebook mobile app on your device. (iOS or Android mobile device).
  • Sign in to your Facebook account using the username and password details.
  • Tap on the “Menu” icon from the bottom of the page. It is a three-grid line icon.
  • Scroll down and tap on “See More”.
  • Then tap on the “Avatar” section, tap on “Next”.
  • Select your skin tone to get your avatar set up started. After which you make edits of your Hairstyle; hair color; face shape; complexion; face lines; and other face edits; body shape; outfit; and accessories.
  • There is no male or female option, you just have to make the edits look like either a male or female.
  • Tap on “Done” from the top right section of the page, and select the “Finish” option or “Keep Editing” if you want to make a change.
  • Then tap on “Next”.
  • You will see the steps on how you can use your avatar in the comments, and tap on “Done”.

You can directly make the Facebook avatar a Temporary Profile Picture and also share it with your Facebook Feed after the setup. Just tap on the forward arrow key at the top right and you will see the options.

Now you can begin to use your avatar as comments and other activities it can be used for in the Facebook platform.

NOTE: It can be reedited again and again. Just go to the avatar section and readjust the edits you want to make.


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