Facebook Avatar for All Device is a topic that has been trending on forums and blogs for a while now. There is a lot to learn when it comes to the avatar feature on social media. The use of this feature allows users to create a cartoon character that can be used within and outside of social media.

Facebook Avatar for All Device - Facebook Avatar Maker | Create Facebook Avatar

What’s more fun about using this feature is that you can use the avatar you create to make emojis. These emojis can be used to easily express oneself. You can also make use of the avatar feature on the Facebook messenger app.

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Facebook Avatar for All Device

Since the feature was released on social media, users are having a great deal of fun. If you have not started making use of this amazing feature, surely you are missing out on a lot. We definitely would advise you to begin using the feature right away. You can always hop right into the fun and make use of the feature.

You should however be aware of the fact that you must be a registered user of social media before accessing and making use of the feature.

Facebook Avatar Feature

If you’ve been using Facebook for a while now, you would notice one oddly puerile cartoon character. Well, those cartoon figures are known as Facebook avatars. Facebook avatar feature was released on the platform early this year when it rolled out to the US, India, and some other countries.

The feature is the talk of the platform now and each day, plenty of users are creating their avatars. Once you create your avatar on Facebook, you can use it for making comments, texting, and others within the platform.

Facebook Avatar App

Avatar app is free for all to use and is accessible on smart devices such as iOS and Android. However, the Facebook avatar app being called an app doesn’t mean it has a standalone app. No, the avatar app is a feature within the platform.

So that means, it is an app within the Facebook official app, which means you need to download the updated version of the Facebook official app.

Facebook Avatar Maker App

You can create your Facebook avatar on any smart device type that you are using such as Android and iOS for free. The Facebook official app being the compatible app for creating your avatar, make sure to download or simply update.

Facebook Avatar on Desktop Computers or iPads

Plenty of Facebook users that are making use of desktops and iPads have been asking if the avatar is available on desktops and iPads. Some even felt the feature is not yet available to them, well, it’s not as even the feature is not available in your country, but the device type that you’re using.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that it’s not possible to create or make an avatar on a desktop or tablet. That is to say, the Facebook avatar is not accessible on desktop computers or tablets just smartphones. The device type that you are using doesn’t matter as long as it is a smartphone.

How to Create Facebook Avatar

Have in mind that, the app must be updated to get it done or create an avatar. With that said, follow the instructions below to create your avatar;

  • Launch the Facebook app and make sure that you’re signed or sign in if you are not.
  • Tap on your menu icon from your account or simply use the search box and enter Avatar.
  • Tap on “Facebook Avatars”.
  • Then tap on next and select your skin tone. Hit next.
  • Choose your hairstyle and tap on the paint drop icon to select hair color.
  • Select a face shape.
  • Choose complexion.
  • Add face lines and then select your eye shape.
  • Use the pain drop icon and select an eye color.
  • You can decide to add makeup or leave it at default.
  • Select eyebrow shape and color.
  • Then add accessories to your Face if you want.
  • Choose nose type, lip shape, and color.
  • Select body shape and an outfit to go with.
  • Tap on the checkmark once you’re done with your customization.
  • Tap on Next and then Done.

Your avatar will be created immediately and you can start using it. It can be shared with friends or use as profile pictures.


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