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It is true; the long-awaited Facebook Avatar feature has been released in India. That is why we are discussing today “Facebook Avatar for Indians”. This feature is meant to allow Indians to create a digital persona that’s uniquely representing a user in post and comment on the platform. This persona as you probably would have guessed will be created in a 3D cartoon character. It is free to make use of this feature just as other countries have been making use of this feature. If you’ve been following the trend, you would know that not long ago, this same avatar feature was launched in the US. The launch of this feature in the US brought up a lot of discussions as people were so busy learning how to create theirs.


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Facebook Avatar for Indians

Creating a Facebook Avatar for Indians is free because the feature has been launched. Not a while ago, after the feature was released in the US, the social media network promised to launch in other countries. The launch of the feature in India can be said to be a fulfillment of the social media promise to launch in other countries. One can also expect that the platform would continue to launch its feature in other countries. Now, all Indian Facebook users will be able to make an avatar in a cartoon-like version of themselves by choosing from a variety of options.

Facebook Avatar Feature for Indians

The Facebook avatar creator or feature enables Indians to customize how they want to represent themselves across many dimensions such as facial features, outfits, and hair. All you need to access this feature and create your very own avatar is the Facebook official app. Once you have the Facebook official app installed on your device, you can begin creating your avatar for free.

Facebook Avatar 2020

With the launch of the avatar feature in India, the social media network (Facebook) has successfully launched the avatar feature in two different countries. This feature is easy to access. According to the company statement, you can access the avatar feature from someone else’s avatar shared across the platform.

Facebook Avatar Maker

The Facebook avatar maker makes it easy for Facebook users to create a Facebook avatar. This avatar maker app is the same app like the Facebook official app. The feature was designed so that users of the platform do not need to leave the platform before they can create their avatar. The avatar creation is currently available for android and iOS devices. This is because you can install the Facebook official app on your android or iOS device.

Create My Facebook Avatar

Creating a Facebook avatar as you have probably figured out is simple and fast. Below are the steps you need to follow to successfully create your avatar.

  • Open the Facebook official app on your device.
  • Go to the comment composer section of the platform or open a chat with a user.
  • Tap on the smiley button in the comment section.
  • Find and tap on the sticker tab.
  • Finally, click on the “Create your Avatar” button and begin creating your avatar.

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The above steps are the steps you need to follow to successfully create your avatar.


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