Facebook avatar free has been a trending topic on the internet lately. If you have been seen Facebook avatars on the Facebook platform and you are wondering how to create them, then you are on the right page of the internet. In this article, I would be showing the basics of the Facebook avatar.

Facebook Avatar Free - Facebook Avatar | Free Avatar on Facebook App

Facebook avatar is a new feature that was rolled out to Facebook just a few months back. Like the header of this article says, Facebook avatars are free to create and use. An insider recently reported that Facebook doesn’t have any plans for monetizing this feature at the moment. It could be monetized later in the future.

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Facebook Avatar Free

Creating Facebook-free avatars is another thing to do on the internet and I assure you that if you haven’t created your avatar, you are missing out a lot. It is true that the Facebook avatar feature has not been released in all countries or locations yet.

Despite this, you can take advantage of it if it has been rolled out in your location. There are various ways to check if your Facebook avatar has been released in your location. I would be showing you some of these ways later in this article.

Facebook Create Avatar Free

If you want to create a Facebook avatar for free, then this is the section for you. Facebook avatars can be created on either the Facebook application for mobile devices or on Facebook messenger for mobile devices too.

As of now, creating Facebook avatars on the Facebook website is totally impossible. Although it is impossible to make Facebook avatars on a desktop or laptop, you can still use them here.

Steps to Create Facebook Avatar

Follow the steps below to create Facebook avatars on either the Facebook application or Facebook messenger.

  • Open the Facebook application or Facebook messenger application on your device.
  • Hit the menu icon on the Facebook application. On Facebook messenger, open a conversation with your friend or a group.
  • On Facebook, click the “See More” option and select “Avatar” from the new menu. Using Facebook Messenger, hit the sticker icon from the input options on Facebook messenger (it is usually on the bottom row). Click “Make Your Avatar”.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to get to the options where you can create your own Facebook avatar.

Use the options provided to create and customize your own Facebook avatar. Note that the Facebook avatar can be used in comments and conversations.

Facebook Avatar Not Showing

If you can’t find the Facebook avatar tab or the Facebook avatar feature, then the Facebook avatar feature has probably not been released to you yet. After much research, I found out that it isn’t because it has not been rolled out to you in some cases.

In some cases, it is because the Facebook application they are using isn’t updated to the latest version. To solve this issue, you must update your Facebook application to the latest version on the google play store or iOS store.

Why Facebook Avatar?

Like I said before Facebook avatar is a new feature on the Facebook platform. This feature is said to be Facebook’s answer to Snapchat’s bitmoji. I am sure you agree with me that Snapchat’s bitmoji are loveable characters.

Most people use Snapchat because of this bitmoji feature and they enjoy it a lot. Facebook avatars can also be shared across different social media like Twitter and Instagram.


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