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Not quite long, there are so many reviews on the internet lately that talk about the Facebook avatar, but I brought to you a different thing that says Facebook Avatar Special. What do you think this article has for us. If you are new to the Facebook platform and you have not heard of this new feature on the Facebook avatar, is nit too late. Because all that you will be seeing here speaks about the avatar feature.

Facebook Avatar Special

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Facebook Avatar Special

Speaking of the Facebook avatar special, if I may ask what makes the Facebook avatar so special that everyone is talking about it everywhere. Well, the special thing about it is that users can make their own face like character which is called the avatar animation. The avatar feature was released the latest the last year 2019 and was released to some countries as at then. But now, the feature is now rolling to other countries during these few months from January to this very month of July.

Facebook Avatar App

Do you know that just two days back the avatar feature released in India and now India Facebook users can now make use of the Facebook avatar in their country for free? The feature is not a paid feature, as long you are a user of the platform, you are free to make use of the feature. Apart from India, there are other countries where the feature is also launched in, as time goes on. I will be reviewing the list of countries that have started using the avatar feature and they are also looking forward to launching it to
other countries before the year run out.

What is the Facebook avatar app if I may ask. Most people will think the Facebook avatar to be a different app without been telling you. The avatar app here is not that is an app outside Facebook, likewise, the avatar app is an in-built app. You can only find it inside the Facebook mobile app. The avatar feature is not yet available on the web, just only on the Facebook mobile app and the app must be the updated one. if you don’t have the updated app, you may not find the avatar option on your Facebook
mobile app.

Download Facebook Avatar App Free

If you already have the Facebook mobile application and it is not yet updated, you just have to access your mobile smartphone app store and search for “Facebook”. If the app is already installed on your mobile smartphone, you will see Update after clicking on the app. All you do is click the button “Update” and wait for some time. But if you don’t have the app before, you can also use this process of updating the app to download the app also well by searching for “Facebook” on the search bar.

Customize Your Own Facebook Avatar

Just like I have said earlier, you can make your own avatar and that makes it so special just as the header sounds. As a user or becoming a user of Facebook, you are qualified to make or customize your own look of an avatar. The instructions down here will guide you through the process of how you can customize your avatar.

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  • On the Facebook mobile app, you have to click the menu icon at the top.
  • Now, scroll down to “See More”. Click on it and move down again.
  • You will then find the “Avatar” option there, you just have to click on ut and tap gets started.
  • Now, you have to follow all the on-screen instructions to customize or make your own avatar.
  • Customize your avatar face, nose, skin color, hairstyle, eye color, height, clothes, you just have
    to follow all the steps on it, before you know it you are done.

I assure you that with these steps that I have provided up here for you, you can easily create and customize your own face like avatar character and it can be used on the comment, profile upload, and also for chatting with friends on the platform. Apart from that, the Facebook avatar can be used also on WhatsApp as WhatsApp stickers.

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