Facebook Basics Mode

Hello! You are welcome to this Facebook Basics Mode tutorial and I am writing on how you can make use of these Basics. There are three main Facebook Basics Mode, which are:

  1. Log In – Log out
  2. News Feed – Your Profile
  3. Posting a Status – What’s on your mind?

Having an understanding and knowledge of these basics gives you a strong foundation. Apart from these, you need to know about Desktop PC notepad and a smartphone regarding these basics.

Facebook Basics Mode - www.Facebook.com

  1. Facebook Basics Mode – News Feed – Your Profile

Firstly, let us talk about the News Feed and your Profile. What is news feed when you log into Facebook? The news feed is the location where you get and see posts shared by other users of Facebook and this feature lets you scroll through and view what other users have been sharing and posting online. What is your Profile? Your profile refers to detailed pieces of information about yourself. So if you should tap on your username, you will be directed to your profile page. Your profile is also referred to as your “Wall” and on this page, you can find all your activities, all the posts you have shared and the ones you have involved in.

You can view your photos and videos and every other thing. You could choose to tap on the “about” button on your profile page where you can read about yourself, update and improve all of your details. There is so much information you can update here. On this profile page, you can change and update your profile picture and cover photo.

  1. Facebook Basics Mode – Posting a Status – What’s on your mind?

Secondly, we will talk about Posting. How do you get to post an item on Facebook? Search for the “what’s on your mind?” box and you will find that at the top of your news feed page. All you need do is to click on the box there and you can type in whatever you want to post. In the box, you can also post photos and videos and every other thing you could think of. You could do a lot with the “what’s on your mind?” box but always remember that is the way to post items on Facebook – The “what’s on your mind?” box.

If you go profile page by tapping your username, you would find this same box and you can post items in there. When you are done with typing, just click on the blue button below tagged as “post”. Click on the “post” button and all your posts, photos and videos will be updated and seen by other Facebook users, (including your friends on Facebook).

  1. Facebook Basics Mode – Log In – Log out

Thirdly, we will talk about logging in and logging out. You will find an arrow on your screen layout, tap on the arrow, scroll down here and you will find “Logout” click on it and then to log in all you need do is to open your web browser on your smartphone or Desktop PC notepad and type in facebook.com, wait for a while and the Facebook page will be shown to you with boxes where you are to enter your login details. These details include your email address (if any), your phone number and your password.

After that, click on the “Log in” button and you have logged in again. You really do not have to log out and log in again, always stay logged in (only stay logged in if it is your personal device).

Using a Desktop PC notepad, you can log in the same way as your smartphone. You can log in through a web browser using facebook.com or better still use the Facebook app. And there! These are the Facebook Basics Mode you need to know – Enjoy!


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