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Have you heard of the Facebook blueprint certification program? If you haven’t heard of this program, here is your chance. Do you that there are some features on the Facebook platform that most users haven’t even heard of. Well if you are a marketer or you have a business account and page on Facebook and you don’t know about the Facebook blueprint certification program, then you have been missing out on a whole lot. The Facebook blueprint platform is strictly for business-minded people using the platform to promote their brand and products. With this platform on Facebook, you get to learn various and new marketing skills with the free online courses offered.

Facebook Blueprint Certification Program

Facebook Blueprint Certification Program

The blueprint certification offered by Facebook is the highest accreditation that is offered by Facebook. This accreditation is not just for you. But it is a show to the whole world that understands the term ‘Facebook advertising’ and everything that goes with it at an expert level. Facebook is more than just a social media platform. We all know that there is a business platform on Facebook. If you never knew, please take note. The blueprint platform on Facebook offers marketers and advertisers the chance to explore guided steps and tutorials that can help them build their digital marketing knowledge and in the long run, helping them bring their businesses online.

This page or platform on Facebook offers free courses that ta the end of the day you will have to take exams to show how learned, informed, and prepared are you about marketing across Facebook platforms. The scoring system of this platform ranges from 300 – 1000. You will however need a minimum score of 700 to ensure a pass. Interested candidates can take the exams online or at a Pearson VUE professional test center. There are expiration dates assigned to each program and exam on this platform. and the expiration dates will vary depending on the type of exam you chose.

The Cost Of The Facebook Blueprint Certification Exam

The tutorials and other learning materials offered on this platform are free, but in order to take part in any of the exams, it is actually going to cost you. The cost of the exam is equivalent to 150 USD. Therefore the actual cost may differ from your country’s own currency. The cost will be displayed to you at the checkout process. The time for the certification exam vary so it is important that you are vigilant and take a very close look at the specific exam page for more information. It would be wrong to arrive at your exam venue late. It is advisable t arrive at your exam venue 30 minutes before your certification exam.

Why You Should Tale The Facebook Blueprint Certification Exam

The Facebook blueprint certification exam may not be seen as a big deal for some users. But you should actually take it seriously. Facebook is seen as one of the best social media platforms in the world. This is for both leisure and business no doubt. With the certification you get from this platform, you can improve the status of your CV. Do you know what it means to get recommended? Let’s say, from the best social media platform in the world in terms of digital marketing? I bet you don’t know, but it really is huge. And also you get to learn how advertising on the Facebook social media platform or on any of its platforms works. You will not only be given a certificate, but you will also be given a Facebook blueprint badge.


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