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We have got a lot of candy crush lovers worldwide, some of which are also Facebook users. Do you know you can get into the Facebook Candy Match game inside the Facebook platform? Instead of the regular separate app, Facebook users can now involve themselves with other Facebook users on the Facebook Candy Match game accessed on the Facebook site. There are many other games Facebook has provided in the Gameroom for its users. So if you’ve not gotten into it yet, then you are missing out. And you should get to read more on this article to get the required information and details about the Facebook candy match and other games on the Facebook Gameroom.

Facebook Candy Match

Facebook Candy Match

This game is already being played by thousands of users on the Facebook site www.facebook.com. You are missing out on the fun if you are not yet involved in it. The Facebook candy match games alongside other best games are provided by Facebook to keep its users rolling in the fun section of Facebook. Now users will no longer only chat and connect via messages on Facebook, but also connects on the Facebook game feature found in the Facebook app.

Facebook Candy Match Download

The Facebook Candy Match download can be rephrased as the Facebook Gameroom Download. This is the platform from which you can access the Facebook Candy Match. You are to download the Facebook Gameroom app from the Facebook site. Below is the step to getting the app.

How to Play Facebook Candy Match

You can get to play the Facebook Candy Match using the below steps:

On PC:

  • Go to the Facebook site facebook.com and login to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the “Menu button” from which you then click on “See More”.
  • Then click on “Games” from the list.
  • Search for Candy Match from the game search bar section.
  • Then click on “Play Now” from the Candy Match game preview.

This will bring you to the game page where you can start playing the game either by yourself or with other Facebook users worldwide.

On Facebook Messenger:

  • Launch the Facebook Messenger app on your mobile.
  • Search for Candy Match from the search bar at the top of the interface.
  • Tap on the related search named “Candy Match” above the title “App Page”.
  • Then tap on Play from the Messenger chat platform with the Candy Match.
  • Lastly, tap on Play Game again on the game platform.

The Candy Match will load in seconds bringing you to the game section. Now you have fun all by yourself or with other Facebook users already in the same game.

Facebook Gameroom Download

Here is how you can get to download the Facebook Gameroom to get involved with other Facebook users on different games:

  • Go to the Facebook site facebook.com.
  • Login with your account details i.e. username and password. (Note: You can click on “Create a new account” or “sign up” to get your Facebook account created for starters. Just provide the required details to get that done).
  • Click on the menu icon from the Facebook homepage, or you can access it from the left section of the Facebook homepage for Classic Facebook or the normal old Facebook.
  • Select “See More” from the menu option lists.
  • From the drop-down list, click on “Games”.
  • Click on “Download Facebook Gameroom” from the header section of the “Games” interface or platform.
  • Proceed and get the Facebook Gameroom downloaded.

The Facebook Gameroom app gets to the app menu or screen of your device once downloaded.

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