There are Facebook users already involved in Facebook Car Racing. So if you have not heard of the game yet on Facebook, then you are missing out on other fun features on Facebook. Aside from chatting as a medium of communicating on the Facebook platform, users can now connect through a medium of Facebook gaming.

Facebook Car Racing


There are several interesting games you can play on Facebook Gameroom. So you shouldn’t be left out as the Facebook game center contains each category of games you can select from. You should read more on this article to get more information about the Facebook game and other related topics.

Facebook Car Racing

The Facebook Car Racing is a racing game on the Facebook game page. Users can involve in the racing fun game with other users already in the game worldwide. The Facebook Car Racing game has been played by millions of Facebook users.

So you should get in so as not to continue missing the fun on Facebook. All you need is to have a Facebook account to get into the gaming section of Facebook.

Facebook Gameroom

The Facebook Gameroom is an in-built Facebook feature that can be downloaded as a separable app. Facebook gamers can access the wide range of games with ease as games are categorized for easy access to the Gameroom app. It can only be downloaded only on PC as it is not available to mobile device Facebook users.

Facebook Sign Up

You ought to be a Facebook account owner to participate in this game. Users who already own a Facebook account can skip the Facebook account sign-up process.

  • Go to the Facebook web page or launch the Facebook mobile app.
  • Locate create an account section or click/tap on Sign Up.
  • Fill in the required details which include your first name, surname, email address and phone number, date of birth, and gender.
  • Click/Tap on Sign Up.
  • Fill in the code sent to your phone number or email address on the verification page.
  • Then click or tap on sign up.

This will take you to your Facebook profile page. Keep in remembrance of the email as the username and the password.

How to Download Facebook Gameroom

Now that you have created a Facebook account, you can access the Facebook Gameroom. Here is how you can download the Facebook Gameroom:

  • Go to the Facebook web page
  • Sign in or log in to your Facebook account,
  • Click on the menu icon or browse through the already displayed menu from the left section of the Facebook page.
  • Then click on “See More” and click on “Games” from the option.
  • From the top, click on “Download Gameroom”.
  • Click on “Install”.

This will get the Facebook Gameroom installed on your PC. It is displayed with a “G” icon and titled “Facebook Gameroom”.

How to Play Facebook Car Racing Game

Facebook users can play the Facebook Quiz Planet both on PC and on mobile devices. Here are the steps to which the separate Facebook users can play the game on their devices.

On Facebook Web Page via PC:

  • Launch your PC web browser.
  • Go to the Facebook site
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to the menu section.
  • Click on “See More”.
  • Then click on “Games” from the drop-down lists.
  • Search for Facebook Car Racing on the search bar.
  • Click on the game icon and click on “Play Game”.

Wait for some seconds for the Facebook Car Racing to load, then you can start to play the game once it is loaded.

On Facebook Mobile App:

  • Tap on the Facebook mobile app to launch it (you can get it downloaded from the app store on your device).
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the menu, and tap on “Gaming”.
  • Search for Facebook Car Racing.
  • Lastly, tap on the game icon to launch the game.

You can begin playing the game once it is loaded. This game can be played either by yourself or with other Facebook worldwide players already on the game.


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