Are you a fan of the Chess Game and also a Facebook account owner? You can directly play the Facebook Chess game with other worldwide Facebook gamers on the Facebook platform. There are thousands of Facebook users you can involved in gaming with as the Facebook Gameroom allows users to play a wide range of games.

Facebook Chess Game

These games contain categories such as action, board, simulation, race, and other gaming categories. If you have not been on the Facebook game platform, then you are missing out on other fun parts of connecting on the Facebook platform.

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You should read more on this article to get the required information for Facebook Chess and the Download Facebook Gameroom.

Facebook Chess Game

Facebook Chess is a game found on the Facebook platform. It is a game that can involve two players fighting in a battle. Facebook Chess is a board game with some icons to represent the King, Knights, pawns, queen, castle, and other participants in the chess kingdoms.

Chess fans can get to compete with other players online via the Facebook platform. There are more games on the Facebook Gameroom that users can involve in. You can get more information about the Facebook Gameroom below.

Facebook Gameroom

Facebook Gameroom is an app that allows Facebook users access to the gaming page of Facebook. Though users can play the games instantly on the Facebook page, and also they can download the Facebook Gameroom for more features of the games. It cannot be downloaded from the app store but on the Facebook platform.

Only Facebook web users on PC can access the Facebook Gameroom download. To get the Facebook Gameroom app on your PC, you are required to sign in to your Facebook account, otherwise, create an account.

Facebook Sign Up

If you do not have a Facebook account yet, then you can create one to use the Facebook Gameroom and also to play the Facebook Chess game on the Facebook platform. Here are the basics on how you can sign up on Facebook:

  • Go to on your device web browser.
  • Click on Sign Up or directly go to the Create an Account section to start the registration.
  • Fill in your name, surname, mobile number or email, new password, date of birth, and gender.
  • Click on Sign Up at the bottom.
  • You will be sent a verification code that you will input on the verification setup page.
  • Proceed to account registration.

Your account will be created and you can set up other profile requirements such as location, job, and other personal information.

Download Facebook Gameroom

Now you can download the Facebook Gameroom to get access to the whole Facebook game in one app. Here is how you can get to download the Facebook Gameroom from the Facebook Site.

  • Open your device web browser and go to
  • Sign in using your account username and password.
  • Go to the Facebook menu section.
  • Click on “See More”.
  • From the drop-down list, click on “Games”.
  • Then go to the header section of the Games platform and click on Download Facebook Gameroom.
  • Click on proceed to start your download.

The Facebook Gameroom will be downloaded and installed on your device. You can get the app with a “G” icon on your app menu page. Now you can open it, sign in to your Facebook account and begin the Facebook Gameroom game quests.

How To Play Facebook Chess

The Facebook Chess games can be played both on Facebook mobile applications and on the Facebook Site. You must have a Facebook account to start the game. Here is how you can play the Facebook Chess game.

On Facebook Site

For users who operate Facebook via the web link on browsers, below are the steps on how you can play the Facebook Chess game:

  • Go to the Facebook link on your device web browser.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to the Facebook Menu section (It is displayed on the left section of the Facebook page automatically or if you click on the three-line grid icon).
  • Click on “See More” from the options.
  • From the drop-down lists, click on “Games”.
  • Search for “Chess” on the search bar from the Game platform.
  • Click on the Chess icon to load the game page, and then click on Play Game.

This will load the Facebook Chess game platform so you can begin to play the game.

On Facebook Mobile Application

Now for users who operate on the Facebook mobile app, here are the steps required to play the Facebook Chess game on your device:

  • Launch the Facebook mobile app (This can be downloaded from your device app store and it will be installed on your apps menu once installed).
  • Sign in to your Facebook account using your username and password.
  • Tap on the menu icon.
  • Then tap on Gaming.
  • Search for Chess on the Gaming search bar.
  • Tap on Play to load the game platform.

After a while, the Facebook Chess game will be loaded and you can begin your chess game. You can play this game either by yourself or with other players worldwide.

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