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Facebook Community Page Set Up is a very easy thing to do. But what is the Facebook Community Page? What does it do and how can it be of benefit to you? all of these are what you find out in this post. All about these have been given in detail just for you.

Facebook Community Page Set Up

Facebook Pages and groups are there to help users of Facebook connect with a much larger and bigger audience. With a Facebook page, you can reach your audience more constantly without any decline. But Facebook community page give you more

Facebook Community Page Set Up

Before we get on with the setting up of the Facebook Community page it is right for us to know what it is all about.

Facebook Community page is a feature in the Facebook platform that helps address a certain issue that fans are interested in. in other words they are dedicated to helping people of similar intertest talk about a particular topic on which the page is created for.

A Facebook Community page is created for common discussions among people of the same community of interest. So, one can actually connect with people on topics like cooking, election, brand, course, disease, and others.

For one to be connected to Facebook Community Page is for them to just like the page and they will be connected automatically.

There are basically two types of community pages on Facebook. The first one is the “Facebook Administered Community Page” and the second one is the “User Administered Community Page”.

Facebook Administered Community Page

Facebook Administered Community Page are pages that are automatically created by Facebook. These pages are created for the likes and interests of users. There are over 6 million Community pages on Facebook.

Most of the contents on these Facebook Community pages are generated and pulled from Wikipedia.  While some are gotten from wall posts by users using the Community page.

User Administered Facebook Community Pages

Facebook users are also given the power to create their community page. This page is what we call the User Administered Facebook Community Page. You can create one once you have the idea that creating a Facebook community page will become very easy.

You can create a Facebook Community page that shares the same interest as people in your club, work, group, team, niche, and organization. So, if you are interested in creating a User Administered Community Page, then read to find out the steps below.

Create A Facebook Community Page

How to create a Facebook community page is very easy. It is basically the same steps as creating a business page. With just a few steps you will be done. Follow the steps below to set up a community Facebook page.

  • The first step is for you to log in to your Facebook account.
  • On your Facebook page click on the three-line menu and a list of options will come up.
  • From the list of options scroll down and click on “Pages”.
  • Now under “Pages” click on “Create New Page”.
  • This will take you to another screen where you will see two options of pages to create. Here we have the “Business or Brand” and the “Community or Public Figure”.
  • Click on the “Community or Public Figure” option.
  • The next steps is to enter the “Page Name and Category”. After entering the page name and choosing a category click on the continue button to go to the next page.
  • The next page is all about you uploading a “Profile and Cover Photo” for the page.
  • The page will also ask you for some other needed information. Enter every necessary detail. After entering all of these click on “Save”.

With these steps, you will be able to create a user administered Facebook community page.


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