Are you search for Facebook Contest Manager you can use? There are different contest manager apps you can use in running your contests to drive or get outstanding results. Aside from hosting promotions on your Facebook timeline, the contest can also be managed via an application.

Facebook Contest Manager - Facebook Contest App | 2021 Facebook Contest 

Anyways, I know you wish to get the best and use the best, that’s why I will listing out the best you can use. With the right use of the applications that I would be listed below, you can be smiling at how well your Contest on Facebook would be performing.

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Facebook Contest Manager

Facebook Contest Manager is an application or software that can be used to manage contests on Facebook. There are plenty of such apps that can be used and get great results on your Promotions.

On the platform, if the Contests are set up correctly, you can grow your email list and also get engagement on your account effectively and quickly.

Facebook Contest App

When it comes to finding or locating the best app or manager for a Facebook contest, it seems a bit hard. Well, in other to help save your time or stress, I have narrowed down the search for you. Here’s a list of some of the best Facebook Contest Manager App.

2021 Facebook Contest

If you are just in need of the right contest apps to use in the year 2020, you can check the list below.


This is a social contest & promotion application that lets users run unlimited campaigns, sweepstakes, etc. WishPond offers users a great number of tools such as landing page creators, retargeting Ads, email marketing automation, etc.

Using this app to create a contest is very simple and provides various types of contests for users to choose from. Templates are also available. WishPond is actually one of the best content manager app you can use.

Heyo Free Contest Builder

This is a drag and drops Facebook contest app used by lots of businesses to drive engagement, get likes and also convert sales. It makes template recommendations that actually convert across various industries.

Heyo is aimed at entrepreneurs and SMB. It encourages creativity and there are great and fully editable templates available. You can find the right template that suits your brand, oh and no coding skills are required. Heyo is a great Facebook Contest Manager app you should probably try out if you need good results in your business.


This is actually an awesome all-in-one Contest manager tool. Agorapulse helps you to manage your page on Facebook. With the app, you can create apps, qualify, engage manage and also measure results easily.

So if you’re searching for an awesome tool to use, you can go on and try this one. It is very easy to use.


ShortStack is a great and simple app for Facebook Contest Manager. It helps to create contests, campaigns, apps and also landing pages. As a business owner, you can create your own custom tabs and contests on fan pages.

Ten also add pictures or videos to promotions. Very easy to use and also awesome to give you great results with no disappointments.


This one is actually a really popular app for Facebook Contest. It is mobile optimized and also pried pretty competitive. Woobox might not be as easy as the ones mentioned above but it is surely a great choice to use also.

On the platform, there are a large number of premade templates that you can choose from to use.

Easy Promos

Easy Promos is yet another great choice to use Actually, you can use it for free and see if it suits your needs. The service offers users three different levels of the product which you can pick from. That is to say, you get to choose the one that’s best for you.

If you’re searching for apps to help you manage your content on Facebook, now is the time to choose. You can choose any of the apps mentioned above and start your promotion.


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