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What do you think people see when they arrive at your page for the very first time? It is your Facebook Cover Banner! This visual content sits right at the top of your page. It takes up almost a quarter of your screen for desktop browsers. It is your Facebook Cover Photo! This cover photo, which is also known as your Facebook banner is a graphic that is one of the most noticeable parts of your page. It is therefore relevant that you follow up on all the best practices that you will find right in this article.

Facebook Cover Banner

Facebook Cover Banner

Your Facebook Cover Banner, which is known as your cover photo, is just one amazing example of how social media marketing is different from personal and regular social use. A great cover photo is anything that looks good on your profile. And if you’ve got a Facebook business page, then business cover photos are just what you need.

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A page’s Facebook Cover Banner or photo has to be a branded material that represents the business and its services. This part of your profile has to display in high-quality and at the perfect dimension put up by Facebook itself.

Right in this post, you will be taking a perfect look at the right Facebook Cover Banner size and practices to help your photos represent your business just the way you want. Stay right on this article, as we bring to you more details.

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Facebook Cover Photos

If you are just in search of ways to promote and market your business, you should know there are several different ways to do so. However, to start with your business page where your audience lands, it has to be attractive. Your business profile has the purpose to communicate your business and its services to the audience out there. And there are several ways you can do this. One of which is your Cover Photo. Let’s dive in!

Everyone does know the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”. However, you should know this doesn’t apply to the social media world. Even though you get to help customers understand your business through storytelling and content, the very first impression they get will be visual. Between your brand logo, layouts, or your Facebook Cover Banner (cover photo), images lay the greatest foundation to your online reputation.

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This is the reason these cover photos are very important; why? They help to demonstrate your personality, business store, and even purpose as a brand. What’s the good news? With the guidelines in this article, it is absolutely easy for you to optimize this Facebook Cover Banner with the right details.

Facebook Cover Photo Size

Choosing the right Facebook Cover Banner size is essential. This helps the image display in high-quality to the audience who visit your profile. In order to help you out, Facebook has put down particular dimensions that can help the photo fit in perfectly.

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According to Facebook, the right dimensions are; 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on computer devices and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall.

Facebook Cover Photos Free

Once you create your Facebook Cover Banner, you should note that uploading it is absolutely free! With this, there is certainly no issue about that.

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Walking down to the best practices for your Facebook Cover Banner. In order to optimize this part of your profile for marketing and promoting your business, you can follow the guidelines placed here all for free. Let’s check them out.

  • Abide by Facebook’s cover photo guidelines
  • Make sure to use the right Facebook Cover Banner or cover photo size.
  • You have to make use of text but try to stay visual.
  • Give your image colors and focal points that match your brand.
  • Never blend the contents of your cover photo with that of your profile picture.
  • Draw the attention and actions of people through the action button below your cover photo.
  • When creating these images, keep in mind both desktop and mobile phone users.
  • You could also adopt the “Pinned Post” feature. Do this with a post related to your cover photo. This has to do with a post that appears above every other post no matter the date of post.

These guidelines are just what you need to stay right on track.

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Facebook Cover Videos

It is also possible for you to post a video on the Facebook Cover Banner space. Facebook currently supports the use of these cover videos that are between the duration of 20 and 90 seconds long, and a minimum of 820 pixels wide by 213 pixels tall. The maximum (recommended) size is 820 by 462 pixels with a video resolution of 1080p.

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