Do you have a Facebook page for your brand? Are you in search of nice Facebook Cover Photos for your Timeline? Well, if you optimize Facebook for your business, products, and services, then you should know that cover photos could help out too!

Facebook Cover Photos for Timeline  - Facebook Free Cover Photos | Facebook Cover Photo Quotes

There is no doubt that you must have noticed that striking visual part of your Facebook timeline. You may have taken note of this large visual piece on your Facebook page or personal timeline. This piece that takes a large space at the top of your profile is known as your “Cover Photo”.

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Facebook Cover Photos for Timeline

When other Facebook users visit your business page on Facebook, what is the very first thing they see when they arrive? Your Cover Photo! This visual piece sometimes referred to as a Facebook banner, is one of the most noticeable parts of your timeline.

Therefore, it is crucial and so you have to follow some Facebook Cover Photos for Timeline practices to keep you on the right track.

Facebook Cover Photo Size

Optimizing the right Facebook Cover Photos for Timeline also involves knowing and making use of the right sizes. This social media company has stated the right dimensions you should take note of. Using the right photo sizes, these images will be displayed in high quality.

According to this social company, the right dimensions are; 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall for smartphones, 820 pixels wide, and 312 pixels tall for desktop. If your image is smaller than these recommended dimensions, Facebook will have to stretch it to fit it into space. And this will cause the image to look blurry.

Facebook Cover Photos 2021

Still, on the Facebook Cover Photos for Timeline, you may begin to wonder why these images are important to you and your brand. Well, it is a major part of your profile! Using it, you can attract an audience to your business services. How is this possible?

There’s no doubt that other users on the platform do visit your profile or business page. Once they get to your page, they get attracted by the large visual piece at the top.

How is this important? Uploading a photo referring to your business services is good but uploading a high-quality and content-filled photo is the best. Once they get attracted to the photo, they get to find out about your services! With this, the cover photo has communicated your services to that user.

Knowing how relevant the Facebook Cover Photos for Timeline really is to your brand, you should get to the best photo practices to adopt. Stay right on this article to get more details.

Facebook Cover Photos Free

Once you just the right Facebook Cover Photos for Timeline, you can upload them all for free. From here, you should note you’re marketing and promoting your services for free – in a way.

To help you with this, there are several different helpful apps or websites out there that can help you create these professional photos. Let’s check them out.

There are just too many to mention, however, these are the top platforms you can make use of.

Cover Photo Best Practices

To make sure you’re optimizing this feature to the best, there are certain practices you have to adopt. Let’s check them out.

  • Abide by the Facebook cover photo guidelines.
  • Make sure to use the right photo size.
  • Stay true to the “20% text” rule but try to stay visual.
  • Do give your cover photo colors and a focal point that matches your brand.
  • Never blend the contents of your cover image with that of your profile picture.
  • Always make sure to draw attention to the action buttons at the bottom-right side of the photo.
  • Texts in the photo should all have the right positions.
  • When designing your cover photo, keep mobile phone users in mind.
  • Make and pin (at the top of every other post) a post related to the cover image.

Following each of these practices give you the chance to optimize the Facebook Cover Photos for Timeline to the fullest!


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