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The Facebook Cover Size is 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall for desktops. For mobile users, the dimensions are 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall. According to Facebook, these are the correct dimensions. An image that is too large makes the important parts cropped out! For an image that is too small, you get to find that the image is pixelated and stretched. This makes it look blur. You just need an image that is right.

However, you may not have an idea of how this works. Stay right on this article, as you get more details on how to optimize the best cover photo.

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Facebook Cover Size

If you have been a Facebook user for some time now, you should know what a Facebook cover photo is. But, if you are still new to the platform, then this is a good chance to know better. These cover photos are a perfect example of how social media is different from your regular usage. A great cover should be anything that looks good on the profile. And if you are in search of ways to promote your brand, then your business photos need to do much work on the Facebook cover (Facebook banner) space.

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Now you know the right Facebook Cover Size, what’s next? Your page’s cover photo has to be branded with details that represent your business. What else? It has to be perfectly optimized for display, which means it has to be high-quality. What does this mean? You just need to know the right Facebook Cover Size!

Facebook Cover Photos

When people arrive at your Facebook profile, what is the first thing you think they look at? Let’s check out some hints. It is a visual piece that sits right at the top of your profile’s page. For desktop browsers, it takes about a quarter of your screen. Well, if you guessed “Facebook Cover Photo”, then you are just right!

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Sometimes called your Facebook Banner, this graphic is one of the most noticeable parts of the profile. It is therefore crucial that you follow every right practice.

This post will not only refer you to the right Facebook Cover Size and dimensions, but you will also get to discover some practices to help you out. Apart from knowing what a cover photo is all about, you should know the best ways to optimize these photos, as this will help represent your business just the way you want.

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Facebook Cover Photos Free

Whether you are using Facebook for your sales, generating leads, or creating a customer base, knowing just how to optimize your cover photo is relevant and important. And when you consider the Facebook Cover Size, it could be very tough to balance the requirements but you just have to do. This will help your image display in high-quality.

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Once you get the right cover to upload, there are best practices that you just need to take note of. Let’s check out!

Facebook Covers

Let’s check out the cover photo best practices.

  • Abide by Facebook’s cover photo guidelines.
  • Make sure your Facebook Cover Size is correct and accurate.
  • Do not worry about the “20% rule” rule, but make sure to be visual.
  • Give your cover nice colors and a focal point that matches your brand.
  • Never blend the contents of your cover image with that of your profile picture.
  • Make sure to draw attention using the action buttons at the bottom-right side of your Facebook cover.
  • Use the right-aligned focus and left-aligned focus objects in the photo.
  • When creating this image, do well to keep mobile users in mind.
  • Pin a related post right below your cover image.

Following these guidelines will help you optimize your cover image, in order to promote your business, products, or services.

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