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Facebook has now launched a Creator Studio app for Android and iOS after switching its importance to the Studio on the desktop. The app is very much like the Computer hub, but most likely have fewer features as the desktop hub. Just like the computer hub, Facebook Creator Studio App allows admins to manage content and also track the performance of activities. This is done by connecting the pages with its audiences. Having fewer features doesn’t mean, you can do lots of great things on the app. With the launch or release of the app, Page Admins can do lots of things that you’ll find out by reading on.

Facebook Creator Studio App

Facebook Creator Studio App

The Creator Studio app has a lot to offer users or Pages that are looking to bring out the best content to their audience. This is because it is designed with a host of awesome tools to help to make scheduling, analyzing, and monetizing your videos easier. Being that you can do lots of things on the Creator Studio computer hub, the application is created as an on the go companion. That means you can take with you wherever you are going to and keep track of the performance, earnings, and others.

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Facebook Creator Studio

The Creator Studio is a hub or tool that lets creators and also publishers manage insights, posts, and also messages from all of your pages in one place. Now isn’t that interesting? I mean, you get to have access to all of your pages in one place, so you don’t need to sign up for the tool multiple times. You can just do it at once. Aside from that, it brings all f the relevant tools that you need to post, manage, measure, and monetize effectively across all your pages.

On Facebook Creator Studio, you can also access the Create tab, where you can upload, compose, and post content. Get and stay updated with important updates from the home section. Manage your content from the Content manager tab and also get insights using the tab built for it. Interact with fans and also send out messages from the Inbox tab. There are plenty of things you can with this awesome creator tool that Facebook has launched for its users.

The Creator Studio has a smooth and easy to use interface. Use this tool to manage and filter uploads from any page in your new content library. Also, you get insights into the content and audience. There’s so much you can do with this awesome tool that Facebook has launched for its users. Facebook is also working to make the platform a better and easy to use platform for users al over the world, and the Creator Studio is by far one of the biggest creations for businesses using it. With that said, let’s have a breakdown of the things that can be done using the studio app on your device.

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Things to do with Facebook Creator Studio App

Though you can do plenty of things with the app, the desktop or computer Creator Studio is needed to upload posts or start conversations. Now, here’s what you can do with the app;

  • Get access to insights on the go.
  • Access and manage post content.
  • View notifications on the go.
  • Engage and communicate with your page audience.
  • Switch pages.

Get Access Insights on the Go

Using the Creator Studio app, you get access to insights so you can know how your content is performing. Also, the way your audience is reacting to your content your earnings. You can view 3-second views, 1-minute views, net followers, earnings, returning viewers, average minutes viewed, total engagement, comments, shares, and also reactions.

Access and Manage Post Content

Aas creators using the app, you can make adjustments to the way your content shows up, and when it gets published. Video descriptions and titles can be edited. Also, delete or expire posts, publish post drafts, or reschedule the scheduled posts.

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View Notifications

You can view notifications on the go to know about the events as soon as they take place. Facebook Creator Studio App is a handy tool, makes it easier for you to stay updated.

Engage and Communicate with Your Page Audience

Engage and communicate with your Page audience in real-time using comments and messages. You can reply or respond to the messages sent to your page and also reply to comments.

Switch Between Pages

Switch from one page to another using the app. All you have to do is to tap on the Page’s profile picture and choose the one you want to switch to.

How to Download Creator Studio App

Facebook Creator Studio App is free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So that means, you can get from any of these stores, depending o the smartphone type that you are using. It is free and fast to download. You can access the App Store and enter Facebook Creator Studio. Tap on the first creator app with a blue movie roll icon. Install and start using the Facebook Creator Studio App.

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