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Facebook has made it easier for the creators in the platform to use it as the Facebook Creator Studio. The social media giant recently launched a Creator Studio that gives creators in all parts of the world help them manage their pages and also see their content is performing. “The launch of Creator Studio coincided with the launch of the much more prominent Watch and as a result, it was missed by many,” says Wersm.com. In order words, it helps you to manage content across multiple pages and Instagram accounts easily without any hassle. You can find the studio creator by logging into your Facebook page.

Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio brings together all the tools you need to post, manage, measure content across all your Pages and Instagram accounts. It also helps you to take advantage of the new features and monetization opportunities when they become available. Creator Studio can be used by anyone who manages a Page, however, your Page role determines the specific information you see and the actions you take.

How do Page Roles Determine Your Access to Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio helps you more easily manage content across multiple pages and Instagram accounts. The pages and accounts you have access to in the studio actually depend on your Page role and the Instagram accounts that are linked to your page. If you have limited access to certain sections in the tool, it’s most likely because the page or pages you manage are not eligible. Or it could be that they are yet to sign up for the features. Here’s an outline of the different Facebook Page roles can do to their pages Creator Studio;

  • Admin: On the Creator Studio, this person can manage posts, create and delete posts, send messages as the page, respond to and delete comments and posts made to or on the page. Also, the admin can remove and ban people from the page, boost posts and view insights.
  • Editor: Like a Page editor in Creator studio, you can create and delete posts, send messages, respond to and delete comments and post, remove and ban people, boost posts and also view insights.
  • Moderator: send messages as the page, respond and delete comments, remove and ban people from the page, boost posts, and view page insights.
  • Advertiser: advertiser can boost posts and view insights on the page.
  • Analyst: the Analyst of the page can view insights of the page.

The role you have in Page determines the sections you will be accessible to or the things you can do in the page studio. With that said, let’s have a look at the features of Facebook Creator Studio.

Accessing Facebook Creator Studio

Accessing the Creator Studio is simple, but of course, you have to be logged in to your account. That brings us to the Facebook Login form. Login using the steps below to access the Creator Studio tool on Facebook;

  • On your Computer, open your browser and go to facebook.com
  • On the login form, enter your email or phone number and password.
  • Then hit on Login to access your account.

Immediately your account will be logged in on your computer if the details are right. In case you’ve forgotten your password, you can recover or reset it by clicking on “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions that will be shown.

How to Access Creator Studio on Facebook

Now that you are logged into your account, it is time for you to access the studio and get used to it. As I said earlier, the Creator Studio is found on your Page. That means you have to access your Page homepage. From your page home, at the top tab, you will find different icons or buttons, Click on the “Creator Studio” icon. Your Facebook Creator Studio will be shown or displayed immediately and you can start using it.

Features of Creator Studio

Now because moving ahead to show you how you can access the Creator Studio on your page, let’s talk of the features. More like the things you can see and do in the Facebook sections of Creator Studio. The features of Facebook Creator Studio include;


Use this section of the Studio to upload, compose, and post content. Also, you can bulk upload many videos at a time, crosspost content to different pages and make schedules, backdate or even save posts.


This is the section of the Studio, where you get important updates. Your Page Studio home is for alerts, overviews, and advice. It contains a feed of posts from selected pages, some basic insights into your,  a composer that allows you to upload constantly. And also post them to any page.

Content Library

Manage your content from this section. The content library is where you view, filter, and search all your videos, photos, text, and link posts from your pages. Also, you can see insights from and take action on individual posts. Which includes editing, boosting, or deleting.


This is where you can understand more about your performance, engagement, audience, and earnings.


Manage all interactions across all of your pages from the Inbox tab or section. It includes Facebook Messenger and also posts comments. Even Instagram posts.


Manage your monetization from this tab. This is the tab for in-stream ads and fan subscriptions. Once you start earning money, you can use this tab to edit payout settings, view statements, manage in-stream ads blocklists, and also promote your subscriptions.

Rights Manager

This tab works by detecting video and audio content matching the reference files that your page uploads. In order words, Rights Manager is the place to protect your content and where copyrighted content appears.

Sound Collection

Sound Collection is where you can download sounds and music. You can enhance your videos without worrying about copyright infringement. There is a variety of music and sound effects you can download and include in your videos from this tab within the Creative Tools.


Manage all of your pages from this tab and also create new ones. Only the Admin of your page is allowed to change existing roles or assign new ones.

Features of Instagram Creator Studio

As I mentioned earlier, Creator Studio hub can be linked with Instagram too. As you might have already known, Instagram is owned by Facebook, so the business platforms can be shared and linked together. Here’s what you can see and also on the Instagram Creator Studio;

Create Post

This is the tab from or section from which you can create or make your own posts. Compose multiple videos at once and upload them.

Content Library

Get an overview of all your Instagram videos, photos, carousel, stories, and IGTV posts. You can use the search bar to quickly find content or make use of filters to organize content by the post date.

Activity Insights

Use this section of the Creator Studio for Instagram to track the reach and the total number of impressions of your content over the last 7 days. It gives you a view or insight to better understand the actions that the audience takes when they engage with your account.

Audience Insights

Learn more about your audience and followers. Audience Insights shows information about your followers and audience including their location, age, gender. And also when they were on Instagram over the last seven days.

The above are the features you would come across on the Facebook Creator Studio of the Creators on the platform. To learn more about Creator Studio, go to the website using this link https://business.facebook.com/creatorstudio

Connect Account Creator Studio

Creator Studio is a business tool designed for Facebook creators or publishers, so you need not link your account. Because, the Studio can only be accessed through your Page, so by default, your Facebook page is already linked. Now, if you want Instagram to use Creator Studio, then it must be linked. Yes, that’s right, Instagram is a separate platform on its own, so to use Instagram on your Facebook Creator Studio, it has to be linked. So let’s look at how you can connect to Instagram in Creator Studio.

How to Connect to Instagram in Creator Studio

In order to manage posts, get insights, or even publish your Instagram posts of cont from a desktop, you need to link the Instagram account to Creator Studio. Note that, this can be done if you have a Facebook Page and an Instagram account. Also, your Instagram account must be a business or creator profile. Now, with that said, let’s see how you can connect your Instagram profile. Follow below;

  • Click on the “Instagram” icon next to “Facebook” at the top of your screen.
  • The next step to take place is depending on the relationship between your Instagram accounts and Facebook Pages.

There you have it, Your Instagram accounts that are connected to your Facebook pages can be managed by anyone with a role in those Pages.

Facebook Creator Studio App

The Creator Studio app is the companion to Creator Studio and with it, you can;

  • Access Insights
  • Manage post content
  • View notification
  • Communicate with your audience
  • Switch between pages.

You can pull down to refresh the app. Using the creator app is good, however, you still need Creator Studio on your computer to be able to upload posts or initiate messages. It is free on the App Store to download.

How to Download Creator Studio App

The Facebook Creator Studio app is free on the app store, so you can easily download or install it by opening the store. Follow the instructions below;

  • Launch the Application Store on your smartphone and use the search to enter Facebook Creator App.
  • Tap on the first Creator Studio app that will be shown with a blue-colored movie tool.
  • Then tap on “Install” from the page to start downloading it.

Once the downloading process is done, the app will be installed into your device and you can start using it.

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