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“Facebook dancing avatar” Have you ever seen a dancing avatar on Facebook and you are wondering how to make them? If so, I would be showing you how you could make them for free and with little or no experience. Creating a Facebook dancing avatar can be very tricky sometimes. Facebook avatars are a set of new features that were rolled out to the Facebook platform. Facebook avatar basically lives as a tab in the Facebook menu section. Facebook avatars are released as a bitmoji competitor for Facebook.

Facebook Dancing Avatar

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Facebook Dancing Avatar

Facebook avatar is a new feature that was rolled out on the Facebook platform. The feature is still new and has not been rolled out to everyone yet. Facebook avatars allow you to create stickers that looks just like you. It was created to make users express themselves more in conversations and comments. Since the Facebook avatar is still a new feature, it is not accessible to all. If it is not accessible to you, you can use other alternatives. There are tons of applications that you can use to create Facebook avatars and share them on your Facebook website.

Zepeto Facebook Dancing Avatar

Zepeto is a free social media that can be used to create a visual avatar of yourself. You can customize the avatar whenever you like and even add costumes. There are tons of costumes that you can choose from on the zepeto platform. On zepeto, you take a photo of yourself and the platform would generate a Facebook avatar that looks just like you. This platform can also be used to create dancing avatars. After making your own avatar, you can try them out in different poses and dance moves.

Zepeto App Download

Download the Zepeto app is very easy and can be done through the google play store or the iOS store. Follow the steps below to download the zepeto app on your device;

  • Open the google play store or iOS store on your device.
  • Hit the search bar and make a search for “Zepeto”.
  • After making the search, you would be directed to the application page on the store.
  • Click the “install” button on the app page.

After a few seconds, the download should be completed.

Create Facebook Dancing Avatar

After downloading the zepeto app on your device, launch the app. If you are new to the app, you would need to create an account first. Creating an account is very easy, simply follow the on-screen prompts. You would need to verify your mobile number or email address. After creating the account, customize your avatar to your taste. After successfully creating your avatar, you can now use your avatar for a dancing pose. Follow the steps below to make a Facebook dancing avatar.

  • Open the zepeto website on your device.
  • Click the “+” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Scroll through the different poses and click on any dancing pose you like.
  • Add a background to the dancing pose and save it to your device using the option provided.

After saving you your device, you can now post it on Facebook.

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Post Facebook Dancing Avatars

After creating your Facebook dancing avatar on zepeto, you have to post in on Facebook. Follow the steps below to post Facebook dancing avatars.

  • Open the Facebook website or application on your device.
  • Click the option to make a new post.
  • Select the video option. It is usually below the text field provided.
  • Select the dancing avatar video you just made.

Add texts to it and make your Facebook avatar video live on the Facebook platform by clicking “post” at the bottom of the page.

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