Have you ever heard about Facebook Dark Mode? If you are a Facebook user, then you should know that Facebook works to provide its billions of users with amazing features and services.

Facebook Dark Mode

Well, so many people out there have heard about the dark mode and have been wondering if it is available on this social media app. So, if you want to find out what this feature is all about, you should read on to get more details.


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Facebook Dark Mode

The Facebook Dark Mode is another helpful feature launched on this Facebook app. This social media platform has been testing its dark mode for some months but it has been released for general users of the users on this platform. This feature is one helpful and effective feature that is just what is needed by most users of this platform.

So, how does this feature actually work? The long-awaited feature for Facebook Messenger users is finally here! You may have heard of it because you received the moon emoji from a friend, heard it from someone else, on the web, or just in any way. Whichever way you heard of it; you should absolutely get to know what it is.

Dark Mode on Facebook

This feature on Facebook has been a long time coming, but it has finally arrived, and this is a stylish experience that awaits you. This dark mode refers to a feature that helps change the background color of your app into a darker background. This helps to reduce risk against your eyes, give your app a stylish experience, and not just that!

Apart from the stylish color and background, research has stated that it uses less energy than white backgrounds. This means that it helps to save your battery more than the white background. So, if you are set to give your Facebook messenger app a different and stylish look, you can make use of this Facebook Dark Mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook

In a few easy steps, you can enable this feature, as long as you make use of the Facebook messenger app on your smartphone, you are just set to go. So, if you are a user of the Facebook Messenger app with an account, here’s how you get to activate this feature on the app.

Before going further, you should note that Facebook is still trying out this app and so is open to some users and not all. To access this feature, all you have to do is send a moon emoji to a friend. That’s how it works.

Dark Mode for Facebook

However, the app is also available on your smartphone. If you make use of an Android and iOS device, you can quickly download this app right away. Here, you can also download the app and make use of it to get a stylish experience, save your phone energy, and enjoy so much more.

The name of this app is known as the “Dark Mode for Facebook”. If you have got an Android or iOS device, you can quickly follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Google play store or Apple app store
  • Type in and search for “Dark Mode for Facebook”
  • On the next page, scroll through to find “Dark Mode for Facebook” and click on it
  • To proceed further with the download, tap on “Install”, “GET”, or any download button on the page

That’s how it works. This will begin the download of the app into your smartphone. After the download, open the app and enjoy the moment. You can now enjoy the smooth experience!

What happened to Facebook Dark Mode?

Facebook Dark Mode has experienced some glitches and issues in the past. Some users have reported that the Dark Mode setting has disappeared, but Facebook has not removed support for the feature.
In some cases, this has been a bug that Facebook has not yet acknowledged or provided a timeline for a fix. However, Dark Mode is still available on most Facebook platforms, including Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, and the main Facebook app, and can be enabled in the settings.


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