Is there a Facebook dating app in Australia? The Facebook dating feature or app as so many people refer to it has been making the rounds since its inception. Now, what is this Facebook dating feature that everyone is talking about? How can I access the Facebook dating feature? Who can access this Facebook feature? Is this feature available to Facebook Australian users? Well, if you want to find out about this and a lot more, then my advice to you is that you continue reading this article from the beginning to the end. In due course, everything about the Facebook dating app Australia will be revealed.

Facebook Dating App Australia


Facebook Dating App Australia

Facebook can be used to do a lot of things and dating is one of them. This platform has never had an official dating feature although the platform has been used and can be used for dating. There are dating groups on the platform. And you can also connect with your friends on the platform and form romantic relationships. Not until recently, Facebook has ever gotten an official dating feature. And now this feature is available and accessible to Facebook users. But the major question here is, is Facebook dating available to Australian users? Let’s find out.

Is Facebook Dating Available To Australian Users

Although Facebook dating is a Facebook feature it is not yet available to all regions across the globe with access to Facebook. This feature is only available to selected regions with access to Facebook. Luckily for Facebook users in Australia, they can now get access to the dating feature on Facebook.

What You Need To Get Access to Facebook Dating In Australia

This feature is pretty basic and simple. You don’t need to create a new Facebook account to make use of it. You also do not need to download a separate app to make use of it. Just as I have said, this is a Facebook feature. And this feature exists as a tab within your Facebook account. All you, therefore, need to access it is a Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account you cannot get access to the Facebook dating feature.

Creating a Facebook account is free so you have nothing to worry about. To create a Facebook account, go to This link will take you to the Facebook sign-up page and from there you can create your account successfully. After creating your account you can now get access to the Facebook dating feature.

How To Access and Create A Facebook Dating Profile

You can access this feature from your account on Facebook. Login to your Facebook account and look for the dating tab. This is located in the left column of your Facebook account page. Or you can go to On this dating page, you can create your dating profile. To do this, follow the on-screen instructions.


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