Facebook Dating App: Facebook Dating App on the App Store

Need to be back on the dating scene? Facebook Dating App is the best option for you if you have an account and you’re 18 years above. With your account, you can get into the dating scene with a newly redesigned platform with thousands of singles from around the world. It is secured and simple to use.

Facebook Dating App

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Using a Facebook dating app is very easy to do, all you need is a Facebook profile and then set up a dating profile and be on the hunt. The app connects you with the people you have an interest in. And whatever you need to start is already on the app.

Facebook Dating App

Facebook started a student search site and then changed to social media, the biggest one. Usually, it not a great place for dating, although people meet love there, then again, the Facebook team decided to include a dating app to make it easier and better for users that are single to find love. 

Now, with the dating in Facebook app, you get to meet singles that are ready to mingle in different locations. One awesome thing I like about the Facebook dating app is that you don’t need to download a standalone app to use. Yes, of course, you read that right. 

Dating on Facebook

Dating on Facebook is a feature that is inbuilt for all the single users on the platform that is 18 years above to use. Even though the dating app is not yet made available in most locations, it has been getting some positive reviews.

It is easy to use and very simple too. Facebook is the social media giant, the most popular one at that. Social media can be accessed via apps and websites; however, Facebook dating is only available for the apps, not the web. And that brings us to the Facebook Dating App download.

Facebook Dating App Download

As I said earlier, there’s no official app for dating Facebook, it can be accessed from the Facebook official apps for Android and iOS. So to access the Facebook dating app, you need to download the updated Facebook app into your device.

Dating on Facebook is an optional service so you can decide to opt-in or not. With that said, now do you know that you need a separate profile to start using Facebook dating? Oh really? How do I get started with the profile? That’s easy, read on.

Facebook Dating Profile Setup

Creating a Dating profile is very easy to do and to do that, follow the steps below;

  • Tap on the “Dating” icon that will be shown on your account once your Facebook app is updated.
  • Then to opt-in, simply tap on the icon to load Facebook Dating Home.
  • Start by filling the form to get a profile, type in some personal details about yourself like your height, religion, education, degrees, job title, etc.
  • Facebook will make suggestions for the account and set up pictures and collect some other information such as name and age to commence the creation of your dating profile.

Easy, Yeah? There you go, follow the above to get started on the Facebook Dating app.


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