Facebook Dating App for Windows; Facebook for the past and still counting years has been the social media giant due to the awesome services it offers to use.

Facebook Dating App for Windows

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However, the platform wasn’t a dating option, but with the release of Facebook dating, users have been getting connected to the feature.

Sounds like a joke, huh? Well, that’s what I thought too until I did my research on the Dating feature on the platform. Now, Facebook dating is not yet worldwide, it can be accessed on any device type including iOS and Android. So, is Facebook Dating for Windows out? Well, to find out you have to read on.

Facebook Dating App for Windows

Facebook dating is accessible for users in the location available from the ages of 18 and above. It is free and simple for all to use. Though it is not available in some locations, Facebook Dating is actually one of the best-recommended dating platforms to use.

Also, dating on Facebook is integrated with Instagram. That is to say, you can link your Instagram account to your Dating profile and probably get photos from there.

Now back to the reason for this article, Facebook Dating for Windows. The feature or app is available on Android and iOS devices. Lots of Windows device users have been asking; “Is Facebook Dating out for Windows?”. So, let’s give an answer to that.

Is Facebook Dating Out for Windows

As most of you must have known, Facebook dating gives users the ability to connect and communicate with other singles on the platform. That is to say, you can start a relationship with anyone that you want.

However, you have to set your references right, that is to say, you need to be specific about what you want. The feature works simply and doesn’t require you to swipe left or right. On Facebook dating, when you come across a profile you like, you have to comment on the profile or like it. And if they like you, you can start a conversation.

Facebook Dating App Download Free

Now back to the subject of today, Facebook Dating for Windows. To answer your question, No. Facebook Dating for Windows is not yet out. Although it is not out for Windows, it comes perfectly on Android and iOS devices.

Dating in Facebook

Is Facebook Dating free? Or do you have to pay? Oh No, you need not pay to use Dating on Facebook because it is completely free. That means you can use it for free to find your significant other.

All you have to do is to create a dating profile for free and start dating. However, that doesn’t mean once you create your dating profile, you immediately meet a single. Well, that too is possible, but keep in mind that, you have to comment or like a person’s profile (the profile you’re interested in) to communicate with them.

Facebook Dating App Profile Setup

Setting up a dating profile to use on Facebook dating is simple and fast to do. And you can create your profile by following the steps below;

  • Launch the updated Facebook app on your device or use your browser and visit https://web.facebook.com/dating?_rdc=1&_rdr
  • Locate the Dating icon that is represented with a heart sign and tap on it. That’s if you use a smartphone because, with the URL, you will be taken to the dating page.
  • The dating profile creation form will be shown, fill in the form.
  • Enter your personal information such as religion, height, job title, degrees, education, and others.
  • Facebook will set a profile for you based on the account you have with it.
  • You can decide to select a picture from the ones you have on your account or upload a new one from your device or Instagram.

Your dating profile on Facebook will be created immediately. Keep in mind that changes or adjustments can be made to the profile from the one that Facebook will set for.


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