Facebook Dating App Is Free – How Facebook Dating  Works

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The new Facebook Dating App Is Free and available for every Facebook user all over the world. This is one of the latest features of the FB company that allows every single person ready for dating to sign up for the platform.

The giant popular social media platform Facebook connects billions of people across the world. This is the platform that has played a significant role in the lives of many singles especially the locations where the dating features has been launched.

If you have an FB account you are very close to the dating platform then. Over the years the FB company has tried so much to make the dating platform form separate from the regular Facebook platform. This is why it is required of every user to sign up for FB dating.

Facebook Dating App Is Free

Facebook Dating App Is Free

This FB dating feature was announced in the 2018 F8  developer conference and  says the service will recommend potential matches based on the information provided  by users. Matches  will be  based on FB activity to users who optioned in and create a dating profile for themselves.

The  good thing about Facebook dating is that the matches that are given are always based on the information and the data that you have filled in to your FB dating profile. This is why it is called where you can find love through  what you like.

The  services  are  strictly  based on dating preference, mutual friends, groups and events you are  going to pair potential matches. The most amazing thing is that the service is free and available for all.

How Facebook Dating  Works

The major working principle of this dating feature that is launched by Facebook is the potential matching ability. Although, matching is based on the individual user information provided on their dating platform it has made a remarkable impact in the world.

Despite the fact that it is called  Facebook  Dating does not mean that once you have access to the platform if you have an FB account. Personal FB account is just a first step  every one aspiring to join the platform must attain before they can  successfully create a dating profile.

What this means is that without creating a personal Facebook  account you cannot create a dating profile on Facebook.  That is you can  have a personal FB account without  having a dating profile  account.  But you  cannot have a dating profile on Facebook without creating a personal FB account.

Facebook Dating App download

This is what many FB users have not been able to understand up till now. Many at times they ask: Does Facebook have a separating app for Dating? If yes, where  can the app be downloaded?

The button line of this is that FB dating does not have a separate app. It is not a  stand alone app but a platform inside the Facebook apps. Therefore disregard any information about Facebook dating apps and its download.  Because currently, the FB company has not announced the  feature to be a separate app  yet.

Where you can get the dating feature is not a problem all because it is readily available in all FB apps. Once you have any FB app on your device and have created an account you can option into  FB dating to create your FB  dating profile.

The reason why the dating feature is sometimes called an app is because it requires users to sign up for an account. Even if users already have an account in the Facebook social media platform.

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