Have you gotten the Facebook Dating App Link 2022 yet? If you haven’t, then you are missing out on amazing experiences!

Facebook Dating App Link 2022

You may begin to wonder what a Facebook Dating App Link is all about, right? Well, there is definitely no doubt that Facebook has always been a medium of connection for people.


Right now, it offers so much more! Singles on Facebook are now able to scope out their romantic interests. So, if you are single and seeking to make new friends, share your life moments, and even date, you should check out the amazing feature launched on Facebook – Facebook Dating.

Facebook Dating App Link 2022

One of the most used and popular social networks in the world has entered into the business of love. Facebook Dating, which rolled out to Colombia for testing is now available in 19 other countries (20 plus Colombia). How will Facebook Dating work? It’s easy! This amazing feature simply serves as a home of love for singles out there.

Well, there is absolutely no doubt that singles out there want to meet and connect with each other. Who knows? You reading this article may also be single. If you are set to make new friends, share amazing moments, and even build romantic relationships, you should get the Facebook Dating App Link.

Facebook Dating Site Update

Still, on how to get the Facebook Dating App Link – you should note that this simply refers to the Facebook Dating feature. There is actually no special app or link to find and access. Just with the updated Facebook app on your smartphone, you are just good to go!

Facebook Dating makes it easier for you to find love – helping you build meaningful relationships through what you like. Once you get into the dating home, the service provides you with matches (singles in the dating home) through the things you have in common.

This includes your activities on the app such as your location, Facebook groups, events, interests, and other preferences. From here, you can match up with each other, send and receive chat messages, and get to know each other better.

Facebook Dating App Download Free

The fact it is called the Facebook Dating app doesn’t mean it is an app on its own. Instead, this feature exists right within the Facebook app on your smartphone. Now, you’ve got the Facebook Dating App Link; how? The dating feature exists right within your Facebook app.

Dating in Facebook Free

In simple and easy steps, you can find and make use of this dating app on Facebook. Do you know one amazing fact? You can use it all for free!

Facebook Dating Home 2022

To make use of the Facebook Dating App Link, you will need a Facebook Dating profile. This is separate from the Facebook profile you already have and is used only in the dating home.

Activating the dating feature for use requires you to set up this profile to interact with other available singles. Let’s get you one right away.

How to Setup your Facebook Dating Home 

  • Open the Facebook app on your smartphone.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines and select “Dating”.
  • Provide your Gender, Location, Interests, and a photo of yourself.
  • Confirm the profile.

This will take you into the dating home.


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