The Facebook Dating App Update is now on the ground and this has got so many people trooping into the Facebook site! However, if you are already a Facebook user, then you are just good to go. All you have to do is know what to do. Now, you may begin to wonder what the Facebook Dating App Update is all about, right? This social media app has finally entered into the business of love and romantic relationships.

Facebook Dating App Update - Facebook Dating App Download | Facebook Dating

Facebook has always been a platform for connections, friendships, marketing, and even getting to meet someone you could start up a relationship with. However, Facebook has decided to go into the online dating game fully. How is this possible?

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This social company has launched a separate online home for singles who want to connect with each other. So, if you are single and seek to make friends, share your moments, and even date, you are just at the right destination.

Facebook Dating App Update

Now that the Facebook Dating App Update is available on its social app, how does it work? According to the CEO of Facebook, 200 million people are active in the Facebook dating app and have marked themselves as singles. Facebook dating is available to users 18 and older within the main Facebook app on their smartphones.

With this, Facebook is working to make sure they change the relationship status of the singles who make use of it. This social platform has become part of people’s lives whether they are in search of new friends, want to reconnect with old friends, find businesses, communicate with customers, and even looking for a romantic partner.

Still, on the Facebook Dating App Update, you should note certain facts. Facebook is working to clear hurdles by making this Dating feature separate from the main Facebook app on your smartphone. Let’s move on, as you get to know more about the dating app within this social app.

Facebook Dating App

The official online dating service on Facebook is known as Facebook Dating, which is the Facebook dating app. Getting to know about the Facebook Dating App Update gives you access to it. But before referring you to the steps on how to get it, there are certain tips and facts you should take note of.

This Facebook Dating App Update is currently available in 20 countries. Facebook users in these locations are able to find and access this service right within the Facebook app on their smartphones. So, if you reside within the supported locations, it only takes the easy process of creating your Facebook dating profile, in order to get to the dating home.

Once you get into this dating home after getting your profile, you get to match with interesting singles. From here, you get to know each other through chat conversations. Not just that! You can also make use of other romantic features, in order to help you accomplish the aim of getting a real-time partner.

Facebook Dating App Download | How to Download

So many people may have heard of the Facebook Dating App Update but would still have questions about it. While reading this article, you should know the official name for this service is the Facebook Dating App. However, you should note that the fact it is called a dating app doesn’t mean it is a standalone app; no!

Instead, it sits right within the main Facebook app on your smartphone. So, if this feature is available in your location, you just have to download the updated version of Facebook. But if you’ve got one, you could update it. To get started, you must download the main Facebook app into your Android or iOS. You can get it from the Google play store or Apple app store.

Facebook Dating Free App

You may be wondering if the Facebook Dating App Update is a free or paid service! Facebook dating is free and it does not display ads to you. This shows that this company gives every single out there the free will to go out, share their moments, and allow each other into their personal lives.

Facebook Dating Profile

Right in this part of our article, you will get to know how you can also be part of this amazing update that singles now enjoy. To activate this feature for use, you simply have to set up your Facebook dating profile. Let’s quickly check out these simple and fun steps.

  • On your smartphone, launch the Facebook app.
  • Log into your active account.
  • At the top-right side of the newsfeed, tap on the three horizontal lines. This is the menu button.
  • Scroll through the options on the page to select “Dating”.
  • Next, you have to fill in your Gender, Location, Interests, and a photo of yourself.
  • Confirm your profile.

This will take you into the dating home, where you get to match with singles and enjoy amazing moments.


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