Facebook Dating Desktop: How to Access Dating on Facebook on Desktop

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Is there Facebook dating desktop? Facebook dating is a feature that was added to the platform in order to make dating easier for users. But the question is can I access facebook dating on the desktop? Well, the answer is no. The Facebook dating app is not available on the desktop. However, the service not being accessible on desktop or computer doesn’t mean, it can not be accessed on mobile phones.

Facebook dating is originally built for a Facebook app for smartphones. So that means, only smartphone users can access the features and start using. The feature is free and easy to set up an account.

Facebook Dating Desktop

Facebook Dating Desktop

Facebook dating is not on the desktop, so you need to be using the updated Facebook app on Android or iOS device. And also, before you can access it, make sure you’re 18 years and older. Facebook dating on the desktop is not available and the company is yet to make a statement on adding it. So, for now, you can only access it on smartphone apps.

A dating profile is needed to use the dating app with Facebook and it is easy to do. Let’s dive in to learn more about Facebook dating app with Facebook.

Dating app with Facebook

Dating with Facebook is a feature that was added to the platform to make it easier and better for users to use. It is a feature, which means you don’t need to download a standalone app to use it. The Facebook dating app is a new feature and it is yet to be made available worldwide for users to use.

That means the feature might not be available to use if you’re not in the regions that can access it. Now, let’s not beat around the bush and more ahead on how you can create a dating profile on Facebook dating.

How to Access Dating on Facebook on Desktop

As I said, there’s no Facebook dating desktop app, so that means you can’t access it unless you’re using a smartphone. Even those using smartphones, not all Facebook can access it. Just the official Facebook app that is up to date. And your age range matters too, the appropriate age to access Facebook dating is 18 years and above.

Facebook Dating Profile Set Up

Facebook dating home is needed to access Facebook dating and then set up a profile. The profile is free and simple to do, follow below to get your free dating profile today on dating with the Facebook app;

With the steps above, your dating profile will be created and finding your love is just a tap away.

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