Facebook Dating Europe 2021 – Dating is Free on Facebook – Europe Dating on Facebook

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Facebook has launched its dating app in some countries around the world. And if you are in Europe, I have got good news for you. FB has launched its dating app in Europe. Facebook Dating Europe 2021 means that singles in Europe can now use the FB dating app this year 2021to find their perfect match.

Facebook Dating Europe 2021

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Facebook Dating Europe 2021

Facebook Dating Europe 2021 is great news for singles who want to change their relationship status come this year 2021. FB has brought an avenue for singles to update their relationship status. It brought this avenue right to their doorstep so they don’t have to worry about searching for a dating app.

How does Facebook Dating Work?

The FB dating platform is designed to aid FB users to find their perfect match through the things that they have in common, such things include interest, events, and groups. To engage the FB dating platform, individuals who intend to use the app must create a separate dating profile from their FB main profile.

They do not need to create another FB account or download a separate FB dating app, they just have to create a dating profile. This is due to the reason that the FB dating app is embedded in the main FB app. The FB dating app is not a standalone app, it is built into the main FB app.

After intending users have created their dating profile, they can then share personal stories on their dating profile. They can also share stories from their main FB account or their Instagram account.

Pictures and other contents shared through FB dating do not appear on a user’s FB feed. Also, conversations on FB dating are also kept separate from a user’s FB messenger conversation. And if they become friends with someone after they have been matched with them on FB, they can still see their dating profile.

FB dating also has a secret crush feature. This feature enables users to select up to nine FB friends or onstage followers that they are interested in. And if one of these people selects you back as their crush, a match will be created.

The FB dating feature is also free to use, with no premium offering, unlike other dating services.

How to Activate Facebook Dating

If you want to activate FB dating, you need to be aware that this dating feature can only be used by those who are 18 years of age and above. So here is how to activate FB dating.

  • Open the FB app on your device.
  • Tap on the hamburger menu that is at the top right side of your FB feed.
  • Next, click on dating.
  • Then follow the prompts to create your dating profile.
  • After you have shared your location and chosen your picture, FB will then generate your profile using information from your FB account.
  • Also, you can customize your dating profile by adding more information and photo.
  • Next, click on done.

This outlined steps above show one to activate FB dating.


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