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Facebook dating is a dating feature on the platform that allows users to create profiles and meet singles. Facebook dating features are lots and free for all.

The social media platform helps to connect billions of people across the world, and now with the dating app feature, it helps to connect singles and meet the love of their lives.

Facebook Dating Features

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The dating feature rolled in the United States after launching last year in 19 countries including Singapore, Peru, Thailand, Canada, Chile, and many others. The dating service has some really interesting features that you might not come across in other dating apps. 

Facebook Dating Features

there are lots of Facebook dating features that make the app more interesting and exciting to use. It is available for free for all to use as long as it is available in your country or state.

Using a Facebook dating app is simple, however, you need a separate dating profile to use it. Yes, aside from your account on the platform, you need a dating profile to access it.

Before moving in to list the features of Facebook dating, let’s talk briefly about dating on Facebook.

Dating on Facebook

Dating in Facebook is an inbuilt feature on the platform that makes it easy for users to connect and meet other singles that are ready to mingle. It is free, but to access it, you need to be 18 years and above and using the updated version of Facebook.

As I said, it is free and very easy to set up and use. Facebook dating is only available on mobile apps, so that means you can’t access it on the web or desktop.

Facebook Dating App

Facebook dating being called an app doesn’t basically mean you need to download a standalone app into your device. There is no separate app for Facebook dating, it is within the platform. If the dating service is available in your country or state, then you can have access to it if your Facebook accounts 18 years and above. 

Key Features on Facebook Dating

As earlier mentioned, there are some awesome features that you would come across on the dating service. And here are some of the key features of the app;

  • Users can connect and share their Facebook and Instagram stories.
  • With the secret crush feature within, you can match the people you already know on people on Facebook/Instagram.
  • Your Instagram posts can be added to your Facebook Dating Profile.
  • opt into Events and groups to find people you share similar interests with.
  • Feel safe by sharing details of your date or the people you’re going on a date with.
  • Creating your dating profile is far easier than it ever has been.

The above are the features that you would come across on the dating app. You don’t have to pay to use Facebook dating.

Daring Profile on Facebook

To access the features on the dating service, you need to have a profile and it is easy to set up. Follow below to set up;

  • Open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • To opt-in, tap on the three horizontal lines at the top-right or bottom-right side of your news feed, from the options, select “Dating” to open it.
  • To start the profile creation, fill in your personal details about yourself like your height, religion, education, degrees, job title, etc.
  • You can add the suggestions that will be made by Facebook to add some of your information from your account into your dating profile.


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