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Facebook Dating is Getting Audio Chats - Dating with Facebook |  Facebook Dating Audio Chat

Back to the main deal, Facebook dating getting the audio chat feature. We all have been hearing a lot of things about the dating feature on Facebook before now, now the question how possible can this same feature have audio chatting.

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Facebook Dating is Getting Audio Chats

If you are familiar with the original chatting feature on Facebook, WhatsApp, and some other social media platforms, you can see that you can make use of the feature called voice note chat. Relating this voice note chat back to Facebook dating, it also explains the voice note chat feature.

The main reason for this new feature is to allow users to start an audio conversation with someone with who they match. In some other way, it also looks like an audio voice calling feature this is to say when you want to start a call with someone, that person will get an invitation. Once this call invitation is accepted, you both can start an audio chat conversation.

Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is not just about the audio chat, there are so many things that the feature does. Facebook dating is free and it does not display ads like other online dating sites or apps or like the homepage of Facebook does.

A year ago, the announcement was made that the dating service has been extended to Europe, almost a year after it was launched in the US.

Facebook aimed for the expansion of this service was to help more people in other to seek meaningful relationships through the things that they have in common.

Facebook Dating New Features

Along with the audio chat feature, Facebook Dating is additionally introducing ‘Match Anywhere’. With the feature, the users will easily be ready to match up with people that could also be temporarily working or living in several places or frequent visitors of an area.

Consistent with Facebook communications staffer Alexandru Voica, the new feature will look to assist people working remotely in several cities. Additionally, the corporate also added a feature called Lucky Pick, which “enables daters to think about other compatible candidates who could also be outside their typical preferences”, consistent with Voice.

Facebook Dating App

I will like us to talk a little about this part of the article, most users or Facebook users think that the dating app is downloadable. To let us know, it is because it is called a Facebook dating app then means you can download it. The dating app is not downloadable, it is an in-built app located right inside Facebook itself.

If you are to download any app to access the dating service, is the Facebook official app. With the app, you can access the dating app which you knew to be the in-built app. You can get the Facebook app from your app store or Google play store.


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