Facebook dating is similar to hinge. Is Facebook dating similar to hinge? Well, if you want to know about this, then you need to keep reading. Before I go further in this article, if you are seeing Facebook dating for the first time, you don’t have to be surprised? Facebook dating is not a new tool; it is not an old feature rather. Facebook normally is not known as a dating platform. But the long wait for the launch of its own dating feature has come to an end. Facebook uses in designated regions can now find love and meaningful relationships on the platform.

Facebook Dating Is Similar To Hinge


Facebook Dating Is Similar To Hinge

Facebook is not a complete dating platform; rather it has a dating feature. Platforms such a hinge here is a complete dating platform. When it comes to dating platforms in the world, Facebook is more like a newcomer. Platforms like hinge, tinder, and bumble have been in the game for quite a long time. There are some users who actually think that the Facebook dating tool and the hinge dating platform are similar.

Trust me when I tell you this. They might be similar to some extent, but the Facebook dating tool is different from other dating platforms in the world. Dating platforms all over the world are almost the same. I mean they have the same features and work in almost the same fashion. But with Facebook this is different. In a bit, I will be telling you of some notable differences and similarities between the hinge platform and the Facebook dating feature.

Key Similarities and Differences between Facebook Dating and Hinge

One of the key differences between these two platforms is that while one exists alone, the other exists in another platform. If you don’t understand what I meant by the latter, here it is. Hinge exists as an app on its own. It is a stand-alone app and platform. This also means that if you want to get access to this platform, it will be direct.

You won’t have to go through any place or platform to do this. With Facebook dating, on the other hand, this is not the case. Facebook dating exists as a tab within the Facebook app. This means that you will need to be a registered user on the Facebook platform in order to access and make use of the Facebook dating tool.

Facebook dating tool is a free dating platform. Unlike other dating platforms as well as Hinge, you don’t have to subscribe or pay to get extra features. All the features within the Facebook dating platform are free. One of the similarities between these two platforms is expressing your interests in potential matches.

Just like Hinge, you can directly comment or like a person’s profile which s similar to swiping on tinder and bumble. Commenting directly or liking a person’s profile is a quicker way of starting a conversation on both platforms.


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