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Ever heard about the Facebook Dating Singles? Facebook’s very own platform now has a dating site that allows singles to mingle with other singles in the platform. Officially Facebook has launched an app that can allow you to find true and meaningful relationships with other single users connected to this app also. This app uses common interests like your location, interests, events, and groups. It is totally free and easy to use. It has been launched to about a few countries and will be accessible by other countries within some period of time. Only users aged 18 and above can use this service if it is available in their country. You will be open to more about Facebook dating singles as you continue reading through.

Facebook Dating Singles

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Facebook Dating Singles

The Facebook dating singles app is been released to more countries as time goes. Users who cannot access it just have to be patient until it’s available in their country. It was released to India recently. The few users who can access this have more to know about it.

Facebook Dating App

Yes, the Facebook Dating App is totally free to use. It does not require an additional app. You will have to download the newly released version of the Facebook app to access it. The Facebook dating platform is not a separate application that can be downloaded. You can only access it by downloading the latest version of the Facebook app. And it is only available to mobile app users for Android and iPhone. It is not available on the computer.

  • Go to your mobile app store.
  • Search and install the latest Facebook app.
  • Log in to your Facebook app. (You can sign up to Facebook using the step you will find below titles Facebook Sign Up if you don’t have an account on Facebook yet)
  • Tap on the Menu.
  • Tap Dating from the option displayed on the menu list.

And your Facebook dating singles app is ready to be used. Operating on the platform is easy.

How Facebook Dating Singles Work

If the Facebook Dating App is accessible to your country, then you must be of age 18 and above to use this service. You just need to like a person’s profile if you are interested in them. This will notify the users you like them and will be matched with them if they like you back. You can tap on the cancel (X) sign to skip users you are not interested in. The Facebook dating settings allows you to be matched within your friend’s circle; this can be the friends of your friend. To be matched with your Facebook friend, you will have to add them to your secret crush list. This list can only accept about 9 of your Facebook friends. And you will be matched to them once they have added you to theirs too. You can get to use this feature if you have created your Facebook account.

Facebook Sign Up

If you are not yet a member of Facebook, you will need to create an account using the simple step. Creating a Facebook account can be done on the Facebook web or on the mobile app. Facebook account owners can skip this procedure:

  • Open the Facebook app or the site at facebook.com.
  • Tap on Sign up.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • You will get to verify the account using a code that will be sent to either your phone number or your email you provided.
  • Input a password to protect your account.
  • Tap on Sign up.

And your account will be created and you will be redirected to your profile page.

Facebook Dating Sign Up

Now you can create a Facebook dating profile. This procedure can only be done on the Facebook mobile app.

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  • Get the Facebook mobile app downloaded from the mobile app store.
  • Sign in using your Facebook account details.
  • Tap on the Menu icon from the top right section of the Facebook page.
  • From the options listed, tap on Dating.
  • Create your profile by providing information like your gender and location.
  • Put in order 12 tiles containing either a photo or an answer to the Facebook Dating questions.
  • Upload your photos which can be of maximum 9.
  • Edit your match preference next in the Facebook Dating settings.

Then your account will be created and ready for use. Now you just have to tap on the love icon on other singles user profiles to notify interest in them. And also tap on the cancel (X) icon to skip a user you’re not interested in.

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