Now our topic for discussion today “Facebook Dating USA Launch” can be really confusing. Some people might already have a guess or clue as to what it is. Other does not have a clue at all that that might be what triggered them to click on this article. To cut the long story short, this article Facebook Dating USA Launch is all about when the Facebook dating app launch in the USA. In this article of mine, being that I am writing with a joyful heart, I will make sure to tell you when the Facebook dating app will be launch and how you can use it. I will also show you how you can find some Facebook dating apps.


Facebook over the years can be said to have been successful and all the features they have on the platform are intriguing. Without a doubt, anyone would like to use the platform seeing all the benefits they offer to their users. With the Facebook platform, users can not only chat with friends and family members.

They can as well share memories and find a date which is partially our major topic for discussion today. Now the platform is totally free to use in whatever you want to do but you are definitely going to be charged with regular data charges depending on your network provider.

Facebook Dating USA Launch Date

Without much time-wasting. I want to let you know that this might finally be the part of the article that you have been waiting for. The reason for this is that I am going to tell you finally the Facebook Dating USA Launch date. The Facebook dating app was launched or released in the united states as of on the fifth of September 2019. As of current, the Facebook dating app feature is now available in the United States of America along with some other countries.

How to Use the Facebook Dating App

The Facebook dating app is very simple to use. Also, it is fast and it is cost-free. The Facebook dating app can also be regarded as a feature. If the dating app is now available in your country, you would see a heart icon by your profile. Simply tap on the heart icon. You would be redirected to what is called by Facebook as a dating home. On that webpage, you can set up your dating profile. One thing you should know is that your dating profile will not be visible to mere Facebook users.


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