Facebook Delete Account, what does it mean? Do you feel bored on Facebook or maybe of scrolling through the same things each day? Then we’re on it together. Most times using Facebook becomes really boring and annoying. The platform is a great one nevertheless, but seeing the same pictures every single is a bit boring to me.

Facebook Delete Account - Delete My Facebook Account | Delete Facebook Account

But don’t worry if you wish to delete your Facebook account, this guide will take you through the boat. Deleting your Facebook account is simple and fast. You can delete a page if you have one that you feel is not useful anymore.

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Facebook Delete Account

Facebook Delete is the process of removing your account from the platform completely. Removing or erasing your account from the platform is very easy and fast. Facebook knows that most times users might get tired of using the platform and would want a break, so it provided another alternative option rather than deleting the account.

You can also deactivate the account for a while and get back on whenever you are ready. The process doesn’t let you delete the account completely from the platform, rather; it hides them till you want it back.

When you delete your Facebook account, you would be able to retrieve the information back, well of course, only if you downloaded the data before deleting the account. To delete the account, you would need to be logged in to the account.

Facebook Delete Option

The delete option is the section from where you can permanently delete or remove your account from the platform. If you wish to stop using the social platform, you will have to access the delete option to commence the process.

To delete the account, you need to be logged in on your device. Now that brings us to the Facebook login section, read on to find out how.

Facebook Login

To delete your Facebook account, you would need to be signed in to your account using the application or official webpage. To sign in, follow the procedures below;

  • Launch the Facebook mobile application or access your browser and type in facebook.com
  • Fill in the mobile or email address attached to the account and the password
  • Hit on Login.

The profile would be loaded on the device you’re using if the information you provided is right.

Facebook Delete My Account

Deleting your account from the platform is fast and can be done in seconds. A Facebook account is one of the simplest things to delete on the platform. So, let’s dive into how to delete a Facebook profile.

Firstly, go to your account settings. Then hit on the “General Account Settings” section and next, hit on the “Your Facebook Information” category. From the “Your Facebook Information” section, hit on the “Download Your Information” icon.

Specific the things you want to download and create a file. Facebook will notify you and direct you to download your data. Now follow the below instructions;

  • Go to the settings on your profile.
  • Hit on “Your Facebook Information”.
  • Hit on the “Delete Your Account and Information” tab, and then hit on “Delete My Account”.
  • Fill in the password of the account in the box provided.

Facebook will take a couple of days before commencing the process just in case you change your mind and decide to logic back.

How to Delete Facebook Group

Delete Facebook group is the process of deleting or removing a group you created from the platform permanently. The process can be a bit drastic but it will be done if you want it to. Only group admins are allowed to delete a group, so make you’re an Admin in the group. To delete your Facebook group, follow the below procedures;

  • From the Newsfeed of your account hit on Groups and choose the one you want to delete.
  • Click on Members.
  • Then select each member on the group and tap on the dots icon, hit on “Delete Member” to start removing them one by one.
  • If you’re done, remove yourself from the group also.

The account would be deleted from the platform permanently after the days of grace for recovery made. During those days, you can still retrieve the account by logging in with the details of the account.

Facebook Delete Photo

If there’s a photo you uploaded by mistake or maybe it’s an old photo that you wish to delete, the process is simple. All you have to do to delete your photo is to follow the guides below;

  • Go to the photo you want to delete.
  • Then click on it to open.
  • Click on the three dots and select “Delete Photo”.
  • Hit on “Delete” to confirm.

The photo will be deleted immediately.

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