What do you understand by Facebook Delete My Account? There’s no lie that Facebook is the biggest and most popular social networking platform in the world. That means there are plenty of people using it and you might cross paths with certain people you’ve trying so hard to avoid.

Facebook Delete My Account

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If you feel too overwhelmed on the platform, there is a solution to it and that’s deleting the account. Also, you can block those people not to connecting or communicating with you, but they might go ahead to open a new account to still get in touch with you.

Or it might be that you’re tired of using the platform because every time you log in, you come across posts that get you angry. Deleting your Facebook account is as easy as creating an account on the platform.

Well, if you are in of the situations above and you’ve decided to delete your account but don’t know how to, read on. In this post, I will be guiding you on the steps to deleting your account.

Facebook Delete My Account

Delete my Facebook account is a guide on how to erase your details or information from the platform completely. That means you’re erasing all the information you’ve provided when you were creating an account and the conversations you’ve had on the platform completely.

Aside from deleting your account, you can also give the platform a break by deactivating the account for as long as you. Deactivating your account means you’re giving the platform a break.

What Happens When I Delete My Facebook Account?

Yes, I know you’re wondering what will happen once you delete your account from the platform. Facebook gives users a grace period of 30 days to restore the account before the process of deletion will be complete.

That means you can cancel the deletion in case you change your mind about the whole process. Because after the grace period is expired, your information and account will be erased permanently. Now, here’s what happens when you delete your account;

  • After the grace period, you won’t be able to reactivate the account no matter how far you try to get it back.
  • All of the information/content you’ve added or uploaded to Facebook will be gone forever. And there’s no getting back.
  • Your apps that use Facebook won’t be able to access via your Facebook login.
  • You can no longer use Facebook Messenger.
  • Specific contents like messages too sent to friends won’t be erased fully and will still be visible to them.

After the 30 days grace period, the deletion process may take up to 90 days for all the information you’ve uploaded to the platform to be deleted. And during this process, you won’t be able to access it.

Facebook Delete Account Permanently

This process involves removing all your information or data from the social platform permanently. And it won’t be accessible to you or your friends. Users won’t be able to look you up with the name you were using on the platform. But as I said, your messages sent will be available on the platform.

So now that you’re decided to delete your account, it brings us to the part of logging into your account. Before you can access the delete option on the account, you need to be logged in to your account

Log in to Facebook

Login to your account to delete your account on the Facebook app or website log in to your account and delete Facebook free. Follow the instructions below to login into your account;

  • Launch the app and tap on Login or go to facebook.com and click on Login.
  • Type your login ID o the platform; username (email or phone number) and password.
  • Then select “Login”.

Immediately the account will be logged in and without wasting time you can head on to delete the account.

How to Delete My Facebook Account

Deleting a Facebook account is simple and very fast. Before hitting the Delete My Account button, it is advisable for you to download a copy of your information such as photos and posts. You can delete your account on your smartphone or computer and will be listing the process of deleting using either of them. Now, follow the guides below to delete;

How to Delete Facebook on Android Device

you can delete Facebook from your mobile device. Do you want to know how? check out the outline guides below.

  • Open the app and tap on the menu at the top or bottom.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Settings & Privacy, then tap on “Settings”.
  • Go down to the “Your Facebook Information” section and tap on “Account Ownership and Control”.
  • Then tap on “Deactivation and Deletion”.
  • Select the option of “Delete Account” and “Continue to Account Deletion”.
  • Go down and tap on “Delete Account”.
  • Type in your account password and tap on “Continue”.
  • Lastly, tap on “Delete Account”.

How to Delete Facebook on Desktop

Use the steps below to delete Facebook on your desktop device.

  • Click on the drop-down arrow at the right top of the account.
  • Click on “Settings” and then “Your Facebook Information” on the left side.
  • Then click on “Deactivation and Deletion”.
  • Select “Delete Account” and “Continue to Account Deletion”.
  • Type in the account password and click on “Continue”.
  • Lastly, click on “Delete Account”.

The account will be placed on hold and grace of 30 days will be given in case you change your mind and decide to restore it back. After this period, the erasing of your data and information will commence.

If you wish to use Facebook again, you will then need to create a new account and start from the beginning all over again. Add new friends and make new posts.

Delete Facebook Accounts permanently

you can delete your Facebook account permanently from your account and cancel the delete process within 30 days. If you want to delete your Facebook account, follow the steps below.

  • Turn on your device on the internet connection on your device.
  • Click on the “Facebook app” launcher on your device.
  • login to your account with your details such as “email or phone number” and “password”.
  • Click on the “log in” button below.
  • locate the “three lone button” at the top right corner.
  • Then click on “Deactivation and Deletion”.
  • Select “Delete Account” and “Continue to Account Deletion”.
  • Type in the account password and click on “Continue”.
  • Lastly, click on “Delete Account.

with the above steps, you will be able to delete Facebook from your device.


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