Facebook Hashtag – How to Hashtag on Facebook
Facebook hashtag helps to make your content easier to find when searched by different users who shares the same interest. This Facebook Hashtag is almost the same thing with the twitter hashtag. And when you tap on it, it will navigate you to a feed of public post that contains the same Facebook hashtag. This hashtag can always be accessed by most Facebook users. And will also appear as a link you can tap in your timeline.

Facebook Hashtag

Hashtag can always be added in any social media post. It could either be in the beginning of the post of the post of in the ending or anywhere in Between the post. This helps to tie different public conversation from various users into a single stream. Which you can locate by searching for a hashtag, tapping on one, or even making use of a third party monitoring tool.

When using this hashtag (Facebook hashtag), you must make sure you use it for relevant post. It will enable you to connect with the other users who share the same interest.

When using this hashtag, you must make sure they are for current and trending popular topic. This helps to make things easier for you to search. This is because once you just click on the hashtag word it load a lot of things that concern the one that was hashtag.

How to Hashtag on Facebook – Facebook Hashtag

This is very easy all you just have to do is to follow the steps that guide you very carefully.

  • You will have to log on to the Facebook website. After you have logged in you will have to tap on the home link at the top right corner of the page to gain access to your Facebook profile.
  • Once you have done that, type your post into the update status field. And then you use the hashtag sign “#”. To follow it up with the topic or phrase you want to add to your post. Every word must also be written in one word.

After you have followed these steps you can now post the content you wrote or anything you have hashtag.


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