Facebook Keeps Rejecting My Ads – What Causes Facebook Ad Rejection? Steps to Take if Your Ad is Disapproved

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Facebook Keeps Rejecting My Ads is not a new thing that happens to people. It is often that you hear people making such complaints. Well, it does not just happen like that. It must have been due to something or the other. Whatever the case or reason may be, complaining will not solve it. It is left for you to take substantial steps to resolve it.

Facebook Keeps Rejecting My Ads

In this post today we are going to look into all that. By this, I mean the cause of it and the preferred solution to it. So, all you have to do is read through to the end of this article.

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Facebook Keeps Rejecting My Ads

Everyone making use of Facebook Ads always goes through the problem of Facebook Keeps Rejecting My Ads.  Facebook does not just reject an ad placed on their platform. Rejection comes from the inability to get something right. And that is probably the reason why Facebook keeps rejecting your ad.

Facebook is a large platform that multiple people make use of. It is also a large place where the business owner goes to make ads for their business. This means that there are lots of ads that Facebook deals with. These ads undergo reviews to check if they are in line with Facebook Policies. So, whenever your ads get rejected it is simply because it did not pass through the reviewing process successfully.

No matter how good an ad may look like once Facebook detects that there is a little bridge in their policies and rules, then rejection comes in. but do you know that it is not the end of the world. There are ways to solve these kinds of problems and avoid them in the later future.

What Causes Facebook Ad Rejection?

Like I said above there are many reasons that will make Facebook to reject your ads. But all these all boil down to their policies. So, let take a look at what their policies are and how it affects your Ads.

Below is the list of policies that Facebook with and is highly against.

  • Prohibited content.
  • Restricted content.
  • Video ads.
  • Targeting.

Prohibited content:

Facebook prohibits content that violates its policies and regulations. If your ads are found with these prohibited contents then it will certainly not be approved. Lists of things prohibited include community standards, illegal products, discriminatory practices, tobacco, drugs, unsafe supplements, weapons and ammunition, adult contents, and adult products.

Restricted content:

Restricted contents and products are also what make ads to be rejected. These restricted contents must not be found in your ads if you want them to be approved. Examples of contents that are restricted from Facebook are alcohol, illegal dating ads, online gambling and gaming, cryptocurrency products, online pharmacies, subscription services, financial and insurance services, branded content, cosmetic procedures, and weight loss.

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Video ads: 

Most of the ads done on Facebook are video ads. When a video ad is posted on Facebook, it is reviewed to see if it has some strong sexuality in it. Apart from checking for strong sexuality, if it is found to be a video that is not suitable for some age group then that ad will be rejected.


When targeting your ads to your audience there are options for you to choose in terms of who your ads to meet. If in the process to choose and targeting your audience Facebook sense discrimination, harassment, provoking of users then that ad will not be approved.

Steps to Take if Your Facebook Ad is Disapproved

A rejected ad can be re-approved once it has passed the reviewing steps again. But for that to happen it has to go through some editing. Editing of the rejected ad is very possible. Once you have edited it and submitted it, then it is ready to be approved.

When an ad is rejected Facebook sends the owner an email stating the reason for the rejection of the ad. Now it based on the information given for the disapproval that you will use in editing your ad. Save the edited ad and resubmit it for review.

If you don’t feel like editing and resubmitting, then you can just create a new ad that follows all the Facebook policies.

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