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    Just a few months back, Facebook launches avatars in the US (united states). This is a new feature on the Facebook platform that allows you to create a virtual lookalike of yourself. This lookalike is called an avatar. Facebook’s avatar is usually in a 3D format. It can be used across Facebook comments and conversations on Facebook messenger. It is believed that Facebook’s avatar is Facebook’s answer to Snapchat’s bitmoji. If you’ve ever used Snapchat before, you would know how captivating bitmoji is. Snapchat bitmoji is a very popular feature across the Snapchat social media.

    Facebook Launches Avatars in the US

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    Facebook Launches Avatar in the US

    The launch of the Facebook avatar in the US is really great news that hit us. Facebook avatars have been around for quite some time now but it was only recently released in the united states. This feature gives you the option to make an avatar using the Facebook mobile app. While Facebook avatars can be created using a smartphone or an iOS device, it is totally impossible to use a PC or desktop. Facebook made articles about it to make it easier for users to use and create Facebook avatars.

    Create Facebook Avatars

    Creating Facebook avatars can be very difficult most times. Especially when you don’t know how to go about it. If you are on any of the popular Facebook avatar groups, you would see more posts with Facebook avatars and you would probably be wondering how to create them. Well, if you are wondering how to create Facebook avatars, this article is for you. There are various places across the Facebook platform where you would find an option to create your own Facebook avatar. Here are the various places where you would see the option to create a Facebook avatar.

    • On the Facebook Menu: The Facebook avatar feature mainly lives as a tab in the Facebook menu. The Facebook menu also called the bookmarks bar is one of the fastest places to access Facebook avatar.
    • Avatar Sticker: If a Facebook avatar sticker was sent to you by a friend, you can click on it and follow the on-screen prompt to create your own Facebook avatar.
    • Facebook Comments: To easily create or edit your Facebook avatar, you can go the Facebook comment composer on your Facebook application and click the smiley face icon. From there, follow the on-screen prompt to create your own Facebook avatar.

    Those are the various places from where you can create your Facebook avatar.

    How to Create Facebook Avatar from Facebook Messenger

    Creating Facebook avatars using Facebook messenger is very easy. Follow the steps below to do so;

    • Open the Facebook messenger application on your device.
    • Open a conversation with any of your friends or a group.
    • Hit the sticker icon on the input bar.
    • A new op up would be displayed. Hit “Make Your Avatar” from there.
    • Follow the on-screen prompt to reach the Facebook avatar creator page.

    Form here, you can start customizing your own avatar.

    How to Create Facebook Avatar from Facebook App

    It is very easy to create a Facebook avatar on the Facebook application. Follow the steps listed below to create a Facebook avatar using the Facebook mobile application.

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    • Open the Facebook application on your mobile device.
    • Click on the menu icon from your Facebook mobile application.
    • Click the “See More” option from the Facebook menu.
    • Hit “Avatar” from the new menu that would be visible.
    • Tap “Make Your Avatar” from the Facebook new pop up window.

    After a few seconds, you would be provided with the option to make your own Facebook avatar. As you can see, making your own Facebook avatar isn’t difficult after all.


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