Facebook Launches New Education Campaign – Facebook Rolls out New Tool to Tackle Fake Stories


Have you heard that Facebook Launches New Education Campaign? The social media, Facebook has launched a new education tool to its users to detect the news that is false or fake. The launch was made to educate or help users know the news stories that are fake and the ones that are real. Facebook is a social platform with billions of active users, and most of those users pass out false news to manipulate or hurt the feelings of others. And that’s why this fake news detection campaign was launched to help identify and also reduce the spread of fake news in the platform. Though this campaign might be what all Facebook users might use, it is not yet available worldwide.

Facebook Launches New Education Campaign

Facebook Launches New Education Campaign

Facebook explained that “We want to give people the tools to make informed decisions about the information they see online and where it comes from. To support this effort, over the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out a new campaign in countries across EMEA to educate and inform people about how to detect potential false news”.

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Facebook has an option titled “its a fake news story” to its reporting features on the platform. According to bbc.com; “ Facebook has been under pressure to combat fake news on its platform after claims it was used to sway voters during the US presidential campaign. Examples include a story that falsely claimed President Obama had banned the pledge of allegiance in the US schools and another fake news item, saying former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was part of a pedophile ring”. Since those incidents, Facebook has taken actions to improve its monitoring and also reporting processes.

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Facebook Rolls out New Tool to Tackle Fake Stories

Facebook brings to you an educational tool or campaign rather, for detecting false stories on the platform. This campaign rolled after the allegations of user safety and security on the platform. But some experts questioned if the measure would have a real impact. Tom Felle, who is a lecturer in digital journalism at City University told the BBC; “Until Facebook stops rewarding the architects of fake news with huge traffic, this problem will just get worse”.

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The social media giant rolled out the Facebook New Education Campaign feature simply because of the safety of its users. As a BBC Correspondent said; “Facebook’s new guide is a useful primer on the basic principles of good journalism. If all the millions who will see it popping up in their feeds read and digest it, maybe it will have an effect”.

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Latest Updates on Facebook

Facebook has a lot of competitors and one of them to be relevant for your users and stay ahead is by consistently improving your features and products. The platform has been known for having the best features for its users, Facebook makes updates that are useful to users.

The platform has made some quite impressive changes in its user interface, Messenger, videos, and many others, in order to make the platform better to use. Now, Facebook won’t be the Social giant without outstanding features, and one of the major reasons it is there is because the platform takes time to make or improve its features.

Facebook Education Available Countries

The Facebook New Education Campaign or tool is not yet worldwide, just available in a few countries, or rather a Facebook education campaign appears in some countries. Some of the countries are Germany, Italy, the United States, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Myanmar, Taiwan, France, and others.

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