Do you know that you can now start live audio on Facebook? Well, this is true and just a handful of the Facebook community knows about this. Facebook users can now start live audio on the platform. Therefore just in case, you are wondering what the term ‘Facebook live radio’ means, there it is.

For those persons who still doubt the authenticity of this Facebook feature, I will be guiding them through it. It is easy, trust me and when you follow the stipulated steps I will be provided in this article, you too will be getting in on the act in no time.

Facebook Live Radio

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Facebook Live Radio | What is Facebook Live Radio

Facebook live audio is a Facebook feature. Now what does this feature do or what it is all about, one might ask. Facebook live radio feature lets Facebook users broadcast audio messages to their Facebook community. This feature on Facebook works in a similar fashion as a radio station.

I know you might have lots and lots of questions regarding this feature in the sense that lots of independent radio stations make use of the Facebook platform. Yes, as you may have known by now, most radio stations have pages on the platform and from their pages, they can broadcast a live show. Well while this might be true about the platform, this Facebook feature is totally different.

What You Need To Make Use Of The Facebook Live Radio Feature

Anyone can make use of this feature. Well, not just anyone but anyone on Facebook. This means that you need to be a registered user on the Facebook platform to make use of this feature. However, if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can choose to create one. Creating a Facebook account is easy and it’s also free. Normally you wouldn’t need a guide in creating one. All you need to do to successfully create a Facebook account is to go to Facebook from an internet-enabled device.

On the Facebook page, click on the create an account tab or option. You will then have to fill the registration form by entering personal details such as our name, date of birth, mobile phone number, email address, and others. You will also have to create a password from your account amongst others. Once your account has been created you can now start making use of this Facebook feature. You can also download the Facebook app to make use of the Facebook live radio feature.

How To Start A Live Audio Broadcast On Facebook

Starting a live audio broadcast on Facebook is easy. But before you embark on your journey here is what you need to know about this feature. Starting a live audio broadcast on Facebook is only possible via the Facebook android app.

Therefore if you do not have the android app downloaded and installed on your device, you need to download it now. Go to the google play store to download the Facebook mobile app on your android device. After downloading this app, follow the steps below to start your live broadcast;

  • Open the Facebook app on your device.
  • Tap the live icon at the top of the Facebook newsfeed.
  • In the top right corner of the next page, tap the three-dotted horizontal icon.
  • Tap live audio and then select start live audio.

It’s that easy. You should also note that you cannot switch your live audio broadcast to a live video broadcast while at it.


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