If you are in search of the right fun game to play, there are lots and lots of them out there. And for Ludo lovers, check the Facebook Ludo Game. There is no doubt that Facebook never gets tired of providing us with real-time fun and entertainment. Right now, it is possible for you to enjoy and play games alone or with friends.



The Facebook Ludo Game is available to so many Facebook users. So, if you haven’t found out yet, then you have just been missing out on so much fun. With this, let’s move on, as you get more details on how you get access to this game.

Facebook Ludo Game

If you are familiar with the Ludo game, then you should know how fun and challenging it is. And like you all know, this is a four-player game, which means it a game for multi-players. So, you have all chances to enjoy amazing games with your friends on Facebook.

This social platform is working to make sure it provided its billions of users with real-time fun and convenience. Apart from free messaging, status updates, and more, it always has a special spot for gamers out there. There are lots and lots of games that you can choose from. Using your Facebook app or the Messenger app on your smartphone or laptop, you are just good to go!

Ludo Club Game

Facebook is a social media platform that hosts about 3 billion active users on its site. It has been able to provide a special spot for most of its users that love games. So, you do not have to get on another platform to enjoy the amazing moment.

One of the games that you get here is the “Ludo Club” game. As long as you are a Facebook user, you gain free real-time access to the tons of games available on Facebook Gameroom.

To play the Ludo Club game within this social media platform, you must have the Messenger app. Using it, you are able to invite 3 other friends to play with you. These people also need the Messenger app on their devices too. So, if you’ve got the app, you can simply move on to the next part of this article.

Facebook Ludo Club Online Game

Yes, the Facebook Ludo Game is played online. But the thing here is, how do you get hold of this game? Is this game free or paid? Playing the Ludo Club on Facebook is absolutely easy and free! It is just as free as the main Facebook app itself. As long as you’ve got your mobile data, smartphone, or laptop, you’ve got real-time access.


Everyone should definitely know how to play this game. With this, let’s quickly check out the steps.

That’s how it works!

Invite Friends to Play Ludo Game on Messenger 

After selecting the game mode in the Friends section, you can either click on the Play button on share a post to your Facebook timeline.

Your friend will get a notification that you invited them to play. It appears on Facebook and Messenger.

That person has 120 seconds to join the game. If accepted, the profile picture will appear on your screen and you can “Start Game”.


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