What exactly is Facebook make your avatar free about? Well, this article is going to cover how you can create your own avatar free on Facebook. As we all know, the Facebook avatar is a new feature on the Facebook platform and at the same time, it isn’t. This is plainly simple because, for some people, the avatar feature has been released some months ago.

Facebook Make Your Avatar Free - Facebook Avatar App | Create Facebook Avatar

For some others, it was just released recently and for the majority, it hasn’t been released yet. Why is the Facebook avatar not been released to all yet? Well, according to Facebook, they are working tirelessly to release the avatar feature in all locations.


Facebook Make Your Avatar Free

So far, the only thing we know about the release of Facebook makes your avatar free is that it released country by country. Making a free avatar on Facebook can only be possible if the feature has been released to you. In the next paragraph, we would be talking fully about the Facebook avatar. Creating a Facebook avatar on the Facebook platform is totally free and we would be guiding you on the steps to do so in other sections of this article.

Facebook Avatar

The Facebook avatar lives as a tab inside the Facebook menu. There are certain things that you can take advantage of the Facebook avatar when doing. For instance, the Facebook avatar helps us express ourselves a little bit more with customized options, sticker, and poses. If you used the Snapchat bitmoji before, then you already have a basic understanding of what we are talking about here. Facebook created this feature to stand head to head with the Snapchat bitmoji.

Facebook Avatar Creator App

What is the Facebook avatar creator app? Well, the Facebook avatar creator app is an application that allows you to create avatars on the Facebook platform. While this is very easy, the ap may be a little confusing. Now, there are no special applications that you need to download or install on your device when it comes to creating Facebook avatars. Creating Facebook avatars can is done from the comfort of the Facebook application or Facebook messenger application.

Create Facebook Avatar Using Facebook Mobile App

Before we get started, you must make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the Facebook mobile application on your device. Once that is done, follow the steps below to start creating your Facebook avatar.

  • Open the application drawer on your device and launch the Facebook app.
  • Tap on the menu icon on your account either at the bottom or upper side of your page.
  • Select See more and scroll down, then tap on Avatars.
  • From there, tap Next and the “Get Started”.
  • Select your skin color or tone. Make sure to make it look like you as possible. Then tap on Next.
  • Choose a hairstyle for your avatar, short, medium, and long hairstyles are there for you to select from.
  • Next, select the face, complexion, and marks or lines such as freckles.
  • Next, is the eye. Select the color, shape, and lashes and then go to the eyebrows and choose color and shape. There are accessories if you wish to add any.
  • Now move on to the nose and mouth. Customize the nose and mouth as you want.
  • Last but not the least, choose the body shape or type and then pick out any outfit for your avatar.
  • You can check your creation using the checkmark icon at the top and after that, tap “Done”.

The above is how you can make your own avatar on Facebook. Now, that it is created, you can use it anywhere you want. Start by sharing it with friends if you want.

Create Facebook Avatar on Facebook Messenger

Here are the guidelines to start making your own Facebook avatar using the latest version of the Facebook messenger application.

  • First of all, go to the mobile store on your device and update your Facebook messenger application to the latest version.
  • After updating, you’re good to go. Note that you might not be able to access this feature as it is not accessible to all.
  • After updating to the latest version of Facebook messenger, open a conversation with anyone.
  • Click the sticker action beside the text field where you usually add your message.
  • If the Facebook avatar feature has been rolled out to you, you would see an option saying “Make Your Avatar”.
  • Select that option to begin making your own avatar.

That’s how to get started on making your avatar on Facebook messenger. Now, that’s where I can lead you to, the rest is totally up to you. I mean I cant dictate the way you make your avatar to you. You have to use the options provided to make your own avatar on Facebook.


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