Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business – Marketing Strategy on Facebook


If you are running your small business, then you need your Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business. Are you a small business owner dealing with a loss in Facebook engagement on your brand? Do you need more visibility? You can expand your small business on the popular platform as an online marketer.

Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business are tips that every small online business owner needs to grow their business and get more engagements. On Facebook, there are lots of online businesses, so there is a competition going on. Without a large budget, it can seem a bit impossible to compete with others, but you do not need a big marketing budget to make a name for your brand on the platform. On this guide, I will be giving you some simple Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business, in order to make waves.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Here are some marketing strategies or tips to help your small business grow.

Post with Purpose

On Facebook, when making a post on your business page, make sure it is relevant. You cannot just post whatever you want on the page and then think you can get traction from there.

Whatever post you make on your business page should have a specific purpose. Be caution of what you drop there. When making a post, think wisely of what to post and why you are posting it, do not just drop anything you want there.

Modify your Page

Making your brand or company popular does not take long. Many customers make use of Google to look for local businesses, there are some that use Facebook to research business and search for local brands. If the customers already have your business listed on the application, they are likely to check-in frequently.

Most customers check in to find phone numbers, address, review, and recommendations. So use a trackable number on your business page, like Google Voice, rather than your personal one.

Facebook Story Feature

Make use of the Facebook story feature, although it is not so easy to digest posts in front of the audience. It is also a great way to showcase the nature of your small business to them. Stories are casual ways to engage your customers, and also a form of Facebook marketing which costs nothing. You can make a story of questions to engage or a video clip with a question.

Use the Cover

Your Facebook page cover photo should be relating to your business. Instead of making use of a basic logo or picture of the brand, you can use a video cover. It could be a video of your business, interactions from customers, satisfied customers or event. Use the video to showcase the brand’s nature.

Drop Post When Your Customers are Online

If you are using Facebook insights, it will take notice of the exact time and date your customers engage with your small business posts.

Post Visual Contents

Make sure to post visual contents on your business page. Going Live is great but when you make a scheduled post, makes sure to use visuals that are clear and attractive. Don’t just drop texts and links with visuals. As HubSpot said, “Visual content is a requirement for a successful online presence”.

This guide contains a few marketing strategies you would need for your small business online on Facebook.

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