Facebook Marketplace Sellers are those individuals that put up their goods for sale on the Facebook Marketplace platform. On Facebook, the Marketplace platform is an e-commerce platform using social media. It is free, there are no fee charges on the Facebook Marketplace. With Facebook Marketplace any sellers are sure of his/her products seen by over 80 million users each month.

Facebook Marketplace Sellers - Facebook Marketplace | How to Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace

Also, it does not require you to have a personal website before you start selling. Simple, before you start selling in Facebook Marketplace just own a Facebook account. Next, create listings of your products on your Facebook account. Then be assured of a rapid response from buyers.

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Facebook Marketplace Sellers

The Marketplace was designed by Facebook in 2016 and it has become popular as the days go by. The in Facebook Marketplace you can sell locally to your communities’ members. Facebook Marketplace is a peer-to-peer website, a place you can purchase and sell new or fairly used items.

On the Facebook Marketplace platform, sellers have opportunities to make sales with over 2.7 billion users on Facebook’s social media platform monthly. On Facebook Marketplace sellers

Best selling Items on Facebook Marketplace

These are items for sale on Facebook Marketplace 2021.

  • Electronics including, E-sports, Laptop Skin, Phone Lenses, Music Cassette.
  • Homecare and Hygiene Products such as Peel-off face masks, Yoga and Pilates mats, Fermented Yogurt drinks, and Sea-Salt Soap.
  • Home furnishings and appliances such as blankets, kitchen furniture, Rugs, and Bamboo-whisked Cups.
  • Clothing and Fashion Accessories like Sunglasses, boots and backpacks, scarves, and Neon-Ruffed sleeves.

These are a few items that sellers can sell comfortably. And they seem to be in high demand and some are daily needs.

Items that are Not Allowed on Facebook Marketplace

Although Facebook Marketplace may seem free for all to gain entry and exit at will. This has not erased the fact that there are functional rules guiding the Facebook Marketplace communities.  On the marketplace, there are some items that are strictly prohibited. It includes the following;

  • Alcohol and beverages.
  • Any stolen Item.
  • Animals and Pets for sale.
  • Any explosives, Ammunition, and Weapons.
  • Products that violent the community standard.
  • Goods that initiate discrimination.
  • Before and after pictures like photos showing weight loss.
  • Healthcare-related items like thermometers and first-aid kits.

The above-mentioned items are strictly against the rule of the Facebook Marketplace communities and there are prohibited on the platform. See the Policies link at https://www.facebook.com/policies/commerce/prohibited_content/services.

How to Sell Items on Facebook Marketplace

As a seller on Facebook Marketplace, before you begin selling your products, you will need to get them listed on the marketplace. The listing process is very simple and easy. The marketplace platform is built into Facebook, you can access it through your mobile app or desktop site.

Unlike other platforms like eBay, it takes a long process and you’ll have lots of space to fill out, thereby taking your time to list your items. Follow these four steps it gets your Facebook Marketplace listed.

  • Get to facebook.com.
  • Get to the Facebook Marketplace widget at facebook.com/Marketplace.
  • If you can’t find it on the menu widget, click on the “See More” button.
  • Navigate down to the “Marketplace” icon and select it.
  • On your smartphone, open the Facebook app and click o. The “Shopfront” icon at the top of the screen creates your first listing.
  • Get to the left side of the screen, in the blue icon click on the “+Sell Something” button.
  • On a new page that will open asking you to choose a listing type from the following options: (item for sale, property for rent or sale, job opening, and vehicle for sale).
  • Key out you’re listing.
  • Next, fill out your information concerning your listing.
  • Add photos.
  • Add your listing title using trendy keywords.
  • Put up the price.
  • Create a listing of classes from the men the pop out.
  • Add tags to your products.
  • Add your location.
  • Chose the number of products is available.
  • Add the delivery means local pick-ups or shipping and applicable shipping rates.

Following these steps, you would be able to sell your items or products on the Facebook platform.

Facebook Marketplace Categories

Let your item follow these classes;

  • Deals.
  • Clothing and accessories.
  • Classifieds.
  • Family.
  • Entertainment.
  • Electronics.
  • Hobbies.
  • Home & Garden.
  • Vehicles.
  • Housing.

After, this process, tap on “Publish” and your Marketplace listing goes live.

The next thing to do is to close your sale. Discuss with a potential client on messenger, when you both have concluded on the payment method then you can mark the item sold.

How to set up your Facebook Marketplace account

If you already have an active Facebook account, then you have access to Facebook Marketplace.

  • On the left-hand side of your Facebook homepage, you should see a “Marketplace” tab.
  • If not, search for “Marketplace” in the search bar and it’ll come up.
  • If you don’t have a Facebook account, it’s easy to set one up.
  • Go to Facebook.com and click on “Create New Account.”
  • Enter in your information and click on “Sign Up.”
  • After that, your account will be set up and ready to go.

Next, you will need to update your information People won’t want to buy from you if you don’t have at least a profile picture and some basic identifying information on your account.

Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Their tips can maximize sellers’ sales on Facebook Marketplace. They’re simple and effective, use them before creating your first listing.

  • Carry out research to see those items that are in high demand. (popular demand).
  • Use Facebook ads. This is, best before your items become popular you will have to create Facebook ads to enhance your business. With ads, you can meet your targeted audience.
  • Optimize your Listing with Keywords. Use keywords that will show on the results bar when searching for. For Instance, a seller selling like a mobile phone. You need to use the main keywords with a proper description. Like the model, the color, storage capacity, and condition of the device.
  • Post-quality photos. Get a professional photographer to snap your products or a high-quality photo camera.
  • Get a strong seller record.
  • Include delivery and & shipping.
  • Select the right category.

In conclusion, Facebook Marketplace has greatly improved over the years. It’s no longer a place to just do what you like.


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