Facebook Marketplace Settings – Facebook Marketplace Review | Marketplace on Facebook


    Do you want to change or adjust your Facebook Marketplace Settings? If yes, then you just have to carefully go through this article. Changing the settings of the marketplace on the Facebook app comes in different ways. It is either your make your marketplace private, or you decide to turn the marketplace notification on or off.

    Facebook Marketplace Settings - Facebook Marketplace Review | Marketplace on Facebook

    With this, I will be referring you to the marketplace, how to access it, and how to change and adjust your settings.


    Facebook Marketplace Settings

    Once you change and adjust your Facebook Marketplace Settings, there are certain changes attached to the activities on your marketplace on the Facebook app. After adjusting your settings, here are the changes that take place;

    • Your marketplace notifications are either on or off
    • The share buttons on your posts are disabled
    • You do not get details from the feed
    • Your posts are only visible to users who are logged in. Those who are not logged in cannot find and get your posts and item listings

    These are the changes that occur when you change or adjust the settings in your marketplace. Following this article, you will be able to make your Facebook marketplace private. You can also choose to turn your notification on or off.

    Create a Facebook Account

    Before you can be able to access the marketplace and adjust the settings, you should make sure this marketplace is available in your location. This marketplace has been launched in just 85 countries. And if you do not reside within any of these locations, you cannot access this marketplace.

    However, if the marketplace is available in your location, you will need a Facebook account to access it. Here’s how to create a Facebook account.

    • Visit the Facebook website on www.facebook.com.
    • Enter your first name and last name.
    • Type in your mobile number or email address.
    • Type in a safe and strong password for the account.
    • Enter your date of birth.
    • Select your gender.
    • Tap on SIGN UP.

    Following these processes will take you further in your application. You just have to follow the instructions to fully open this account.

    Facebook Marketplace Settings

    Now, you can access the marketplace to change and adjust the settings. You can either make it private or choose to adjust the notifications.

    Facebook Marketplace Privacy Settings

    • Access the marketplace as an administrator.
    • In the marketplace, go to Settings.
    • Scroll through and tap on Access Preferences.
    • Tap on “Allow Only Registered Users to Be Able to Listings and Users Profiles”.
    • Now, you can save the settings.

    You have made your marketplace private and limited to certain users. Only logged-in users will be able to find and access the items you have listed on sale.

    Facebook Marketplace Notifications

    Now, you have adjusted the notification in your marketplace. Following these steps, you can adjust your Facebook Marketplace Settings.

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