Are you wondering what is it about Facebook Memories for Me? Facebook is a memory storehouse for its users.

Facebook is always on a daily basis notifying its users of what they did on a particular day since their account was created or when they first made a post.

Facebook Memories for Me - Facebook Yearly Memories | How to Access Facebook Memories

Facebook keeps changing bringing in new features and Facebook memories is one of them. Facebook memories features enable you to see your old post, photos, and moments you had posted before. Facebook memories are such an exciting moment when you’re notified of your lovely moments again.

Facebook Memories for Me

Facebook memories for me is an exciting moment when Facebook pops up that notification of my favorite moments before. You will find all your specific special memories right back to the time you first created your profile.

These memories are arranged in categories, making it easy for you when you’re searching for them. Facebook memory makes you see how your life, activities have evolved over the years, the moments you shared with friends and family.

Memories Categories

Facebook memories moments to reprise about. Facebook has arranged all memory into four segments as seen below;

  • Friends Made on this day.
  • Memories you may have missed.
  • On this day.
  • Recaps of Memories.

All these categories have different memories that you can excitedly share with friends and family. Your loved ones and with all your contacts on Facebook each day you’re notified of your time with them for example, when you two became friends on Facebook.

Memories Category Explained

Facebook loves bringing exciting and amazing memories back to you just to make your day. Let’s explain each of those categories and memory you have shared on Facebook.

Friends Made on this Day Section

Facebook will always be notified you of your important memories with your friends. With this, you can track the dates of your anniversaries of friendship with your loved ones. Facebook will create an amazing photo collage album or video with your memory you shared for you wow!

Such a beautiful way to remind yourself of the wonderful moments that have made your life.

Memories You Have Missed Section

In this category, each time you missed any memories notification, you can check here to see them

On this Day Memories Section

This category will be notified you of the important moments that took place on a particular date and day.